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Top reasons for older men making better boyfriends

younger women dating older menThere is no doubt that relationships in which one of the partners is much younger than the other are not very popular in the media, but the fact is that the number of these relationships is growing which is one of the signs that this practice is not bad. Unfortunately, there are many people who still have doubts when it comes to situations in which younger women dating older men. If you are one of these individuals that have certain dilemmas and uncertainties about such relationships, we will provide a few reasons why it is better for you to choose an older man to be your boyfriend.


Self-awareness is often described as an ability to identify yourself as a person separate from other persons and the environment in general. Older men usually have high level of self-awareness. In other words, they are more stable and secure. They are well-aware of their current personal and professional situation and their goals. We can’t something like this for individuals that are between 20 and 30 years old. There is no need for girls to wait until their boyfriend decides what he wants in his life. Older men know what they want and they have already achieved most of their professional goals, so now they have time to enjoy life.

They are not obsessed with technology

While it is true that technology is great, it is also true that technology had negative impact on our lives. In some cases it ruins relationships. An older gentleman will certainly not be obsessed with their Facebook profile or Twitter account. They won’t use their free time to check the news feed on social media platforms. When it comes to communication they prefer face to face communication and short phone calls.

Older men are not focused on their body or your body

There are many younger women seeking older men because these men are able to recognize the beauty of their soul not only of their body. Of course, older men can be physically active, but they won’t spend one month in the gym trying to get those perfect abs while you are sitting at home bored. They also won’t force you to exercise for hours just to spend a week or two on some beach showing off your ideal body.

They are experienced in bed

Age is not the main factor when we talk about love making, but the fact is that the more experienced you are the greater chances of satisfying your partner you get. They know some basic rules about live making and how to make this intimate activity more enjoyable.

They are independent

Many young men consider their girlfriends to be some sort of alternatives for their moms. Well, older men certainly won’t ask you to take care of them. They are independent and they just want to enjoy your presence. You can be yourself without worrying about their reactions.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the reasons why older men are better boyfriends.

Older men prefer to date young women who are half their age

An older man accompanied by a young woman who is half their age – this is no longer a surprise today. But let’s be honest, what do most people think when they see a couple like that? They usually think that the man is going through some kind of midlife crisis. This is just prejudice because without analyzing all the reasons we cannot come up with an answer. This is a serious question that comes with complex answers.

older men dating younger womenRegardless of the generation gap that is obvious in a relationship like this, more and more men choose younger women and decide to start serious relationships with them. It is not uncommon for these relationships to end in happy marriage. While this is something that modern society has accepted, there are many people, especially women, who are wondering what the reasons behind relationships like this are.

To start with, it is a well-known fact that women tend to become mature much faster than men and this leads to a need to bond and start a family. This is why most women are ready to get married before their male peers. They are also prepared to become mothers while the majority of men are not so sure about this. Older men who are dating with women half their age are trying to postpone marriage and enjoy the freedom that relationships bring.

There are many debates focused on determining whether this is something that is linked to Mother Nature or our society. Of course, there is no clear answer to this question, but the fact is that most men have always viewed and still view themselves as protectors and suppliers of the family. Younger women are prone to listening to their partner’s thoughts and let their partners take care of them. So, if the man is older, this means that he has experience and knowledge and this is what makes them attractive in the eyes of young woman.

Furthermore, when men enter the years in which things start to go down (in terms of health and career), men need someone that can boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. That’s why you can often see relationships between wealthy old men and young women.

There is no doubt that men love their ego and most of them can confirm this. While it is true that there are men that are attracted to older women, it is also true that most of them would enjoy the company of an attractive woman that can be even half of their age.

Finally, older men and young women share the same need for coherence. On the other hand, young men are focused on career and young women on their relationship. When men reach middle age, there is a reversal. At that moment, man will understand that they have squandered their youth on a quest for power and they have ignored their family all the time. They are no longer interested in their pursuit for power and start looking more from their relationship. On the other hand, their partners are tired of putting their relationship and children in the first place. They usually start focusing more on themselves and invest in their education or career. So, this is another reason why men like younger women. They are compatible with each other. This might be the reason why they are starting to think about creating a new family in which they will have a suitable role.