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Things to know about dating an older guy or a girl

Dating someone who is older than you is a very common thing, especially in the LGBT community. In fact, the LGBT community openly accepts partners with more age gaps than the regular ones.

younger women older men dating

younger women older men dating

However, many people still wonder as to how much age difference is too big or whether to date a lesbian older than you or not. Plus, like everything else, dating outside your age has its own benefits and pitfalls, so what are they?


The answer to this is YES. It is perfectly alright to date someone who is younger or older than you. The most important thing that matters is your love. Nothing else matters. Moreover, the LGBT community is more accepting of the couples that have an age gap that is bigger than average.

Age gap is a really insignificant thing for LGBT communities, when it has dealt with much larger problems of misconceptions, abuse, and stereotypes related to sexuality. Thus, it is not at all wrong to love a person outside your age.


One of the things that people usually wonder about is how much age gap is too large. In some interracial relationships, couples have a 10 year age gap and some even have a 25 year age gap.

There are a lot of black white couples who have big age gaps between them. But when it comes to age, people who are younger are more concerned with age as compared to their older counterparts.

People, who are in their 30s, do not consider age as an important factor in relationships. In short, age does not matter in relationships; however people who are in their 20s do not have the maturity to sustain a long-lasting relationship as compared to those who are in their 30s and above. This is the reality about age in lesbian dating and any other dating scenario.


There are some common drawbacks of dating a person older than you. One of these includes health concerns. In this, communication plays an important role. Another drawback is the differences in your background or culture.

Although in black white relationships, cultural differences can worsen the situation, it is best to talk about this with your partner. When you have already dealt with your sexuality, age gap is nothing irrespective of the views of her parents.

One of the other pitfalls of dating outside your age is to find common hobbies, particularly those that require a high energy level. In interracial relationships, where one partner is quite older than the other, there can be problem on unequal energy levels. Moreover, there can also be issues of free time.

So, if you are dating someone older or younger than yourself or a person from a different age group, then do not worry if it’s the right thing to do or not. In love, there is nothing right and wrong. Your love for your girlfriend is all that matters.

Reasons for the Growing Trend of younger women dating older men

The way people date today and how couples form changed a lot in the past decades. If back in the days, people considered appropriate to have a partner of approximately the same age, the cases in which the age difference was noticeable being rare, today this is not a rule anymore. In fact, there is an increasing tendency of younger women dating older men. It is not out of the ordinary to see a mature man having a much younger partner, such things happening both in the lives of the regular people and in the lives of celebrities as well. But, what are the reasons making younger women to choose older men over younger men. Here are a couple of good reasons stated by women that date mature men themselves.

  • They have someone to talk to

The women that currently date older men once dated men their age as well. They say that they directed their attention towards older men because they found out that they are mature enough to communicate and listen. On the other hand, younger men are more immature, not having time to listen to them or to put any value in their conversations. This is why women enjoy spending time with an older man, because they know how to have a pleasant conversation and many of them are excellent listeners. Perhaps life taught them that you need to slow down and listen to the woman you love if you want to enjoy a great relationship.

  • Someone with a stable career and financial situation supports them

When younger women seek older men it is obvious that they are not doing it because they want to start a family and have babies. At least not until they have a career of their own started. When dating an older man, with experience in life, with a fulfilled career, and stable financial status, it is easier to pursue a career as a woman. Not only will she receive valuable information and pieces of advice of how to succeed, but will also have the financial support she needs to make her dream come true. When you don’t have to run to get a house, when you have a car, and all the comfort you need, it is easier to fight for your dreams.

  • Older men are refined and true gentlemen

Every woman wishes to be treated right by her man. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many gentlemen around today. There are even fewer gentlemen in the young men category. But, when it comes to older men, some of them learned how to behave like a gentleman during their life. So, he knows how to behave, talk, and how to take proper care of a woman. You will always feel safe and well looked after with a mature man at your side. He will be careful about your preferences, needs, likes, making everything right if you managed to get his attention well enough. A mature man will always be much trained than a younger man at this chapter, because he learned a lot from his previous experiences, being a good explanation behind the phenomenon of younger women seeking older men.