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Do your families have a problem with older men younger women relationships?

older men younger womenFor many older men younger women relationships, one of the major obstacles to ensuring that it works and both members can be truly happy comes from outside influence – families, mainly. They tend to find it quite hard to appreciate that you might both find happiness in this manner, and it can therefore begin to cause a lot of friction within the family. Whether it’s the family of the older men looking for younger women worried he’ll be taken advantage of, or the other way around, many people can find it very hard to appreciate and accept this.

For this reason, so many people can really become quite uncomfortable with the idea of letting their families know about their older men younger women relationships. For one, they can’t be bothered with the excessive judgment and the constant need to make them feel as if they are children again. When we get beyond our early 20s, it becomes harder to really care what family thinks of the decisions we make; we feel like responsible and active adults, and should not need to be given permission by anyone to be with who we want.

However, many families can have a problem in just standing by and watching this take place. What can you do to try and soothe and familial issues that crop up when trying to make a relationship with an older man or a younger woman work out?

Sit Down Together. The best way to solve the problem is to sit down as a group and work it out. Bring your partner, and have it out with everyone. Make sure that everyone gets a full minute to make their points, with the chance for you both to give an honest and friendly retort. This works really well if you want to make sure that people can begin to see what you see in your partner.

Explain the Reality. Many families still just see the dirty old man/gold digging woman trope and go for that. However, if you can show them that this is nothing of the sort, you should find it a bit easier to enjoy your relationship in peace. Even if that is what you are both looking for, so what? Make it clear to your families that, even if that is the case, both party members are more than happy with the arrangement.

Showcase your Happiness. Want to shut everyone up about their doubts? Then let them see you both together without the set piece family meeting. Show them a video of you both on a night out or something similar; basically, show them both of you having fun away from having to sit with family and make it feel forced.

By doing this, you go a very long way to making sure you are left with older men younger women relationships that can be fairly and accurately balanced and judged, free from arguments with family.