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What You Must Know Before dating Older Men

younger women for older menWhat You Must Know Before dating Older Men
Dating is a very common activity that lots of people perform in their lives at different stages, but some of the times it happens that it becomes quite uncommon. One of those situations is dating to an older man.

Well, this thing can become quite complicated and difficult to handle you do not consider some of the important things about that man before dating him. So, here we are going to tell you about some of the most important things that you must have to consider before dating older men.

1. Children
One of the most important things that you have to consider in order to date older man is his children because his children can be a kind of trouble if you start dating him. They may not accept you or force that person to leave you or some kind of other stuff. So, before start dating with an older man, you should ask him about his children and their behavior on knowing that you are dating some other girl. In this case, you will be clear about the situation and easily manage all the things to make your relationship beautiful and strong.

2. Mindset
Another one of the most important things that you have to consider before start dating to an older man is his mindset. Most of the times it happens that the person does not compatible with you on mental level. This thing usually appears after a long-time duration when you really get involved in that person and leaving him become painful and difficult for you. So, you should find out that he properly understands your values, lifestyle, and mentality or not? If not, then don’t date him.

3. His Health
Another most important thing to consider before start dating an older person is his health. You should not date a person that is physically unfit, which means that it has diabetes, blood pressure issues or some bones weaknesses. In this case, it can become quite difficult for you to manage your relationship because you will become a kind of caretaker of that person, and this thing does not happen if you are only dating a person. So, make sure to know about his health properly, and if it has no health problem, or some have that you can easily manage, then date him, otherwise, never let this happen.

4. His Desire for Sex
Sex is one of the most important factors that a person should consider before dating a person because no dating relationship can be successful if there is no sexual compatibility between both people.

While, if you are dating an old man, then you should get to know about his sexual desires because in certain ages, men become unable to sex, and if you find someone like this, then never date him, otherwise, your sexual needs will not be satisfied.

Above has described some of the most important things that you must have to consider before dating an old man. So, make sure to understand them and consider them properly if you want to have a fruitful relationship with an old man.

Understanding the younger women dating site mathematical advantage

The game of dating often means competition, as there are many men out there looking to get a beautiful woman as their date. Of course, this can also mean that others may like the same woman you like. Still, in the case of younger women that are looking to date older men, things are a bit more different. You, the mature man, have much more chances to get things your way. Would you like to know how this is happening? Well, let us look at how things work when it comes to dating younger women and what you need to know in order to understand them and turn things in your favor.

  • Your age is your biggest advantage

First of all, the mere fact that you are a mature man works in your favor. There are many young women out there that would like to date older men, so the score is already favoring you. It’s enough to set up a profile on a younger women dating older men website and you will see just how many beautiful and young women will want to get to know you. You will become the hunted, not the other way around, so this is one of the biggest advantages of being a mature man in search of a younger date.

  • Women simply love a powerful and confident man

What you need to know is that women are, by nature, attracted by men that are confident and powerful. When we say “powerful”, we make reference to the fact that you have a successful career, you have everything you want in your life, and you are not afraid to get what you need. So, if you like a woman, be masculine and confident and don’t hesitate to approach her. You will charm her with your confidence right away. Just take a closer look at successful older men, like George Clooney, who managed to attract partners that are young and beautiful, much younger than they are. This can happen to you as well.

  • You don’t have to look for women, as they will look for you

Again, the best part about being present on a dating site where young women are looking for older men is that you will be sought after. You will barely have to deposit any kind of effort and you will easily meet very many young women.

  • You will not be their wallet

While it is true that some are going for the financial advantages provided by dating older men, many of them want more than just to be spoiled with gifts. They know that an older man is more refined and experienced, knowing how to treat a woman and make her feel special. Do this to your younger date and make her feel special, and she will be yours in no time.

  • They simply want someone to treat them better

As mentioned before, make sure to treat your chosen woman well and you will soon enjoy a successful and fulfilling relationship. Many young women are tired of dating young men that don’t know how to behave with women; this is why they are seeking someone like you.

  • You will become their dream come true

Are you looking to date beautiful and young women? Well, this is not your fantasy, as you are their fantasy. Yes, it is actually the other way around. You have what it takes to be charming and win a woman over, so use your skills and become their dream come true.

The Rules for Interacting with Young beautiful girls

Dating a younger woman is definitely a prize for every man, but do you know how to do this right? While you may be a successful and mature man, let us not forget that there’s an age gap between you and the young women you are looking to date so you will need a bit of knowledge in order to make things run smooth. After all, the whole idea you got into dating young women is to actually meet and date them. So, perhaps you should continue reading the following lines and make sure that everything will come out as you desire.

  • Make them want to want you

Most certainly you spent a lot of time and effort in creating an interesting profile. That’s good because in the online world, the way a profile looks can make it or break it for you. But, it is worth knowing that it is not enough to have a great profile. You see, the girl that likes what she sees on your profile will also want to find out if you’re the same in real life. So, try to be honest when sharing information on your profile because your first date with someone can go wrong if the young woman you date realizes that you’re not like in the profile.

  • You do have an advantage

Keep in mind that most men that want to date young women online usually get to the part where they ask for nude pictures rather quickly. Also, these women know that their biggest advantage is their beauty, so they may want to get to you and have you fulfill them all kinds of wishes this way. So, play nice and show them that you’re not that easy to get.

  • Younger girls are more accessible

Choosing to look for dates on a site with younger women is better from the point of view that they don’t have expectancies that are too high. As you may know, some women, more mature women, expect to be treated in a way and spoiled. Younger girls are more easy going and won’t demand too many.

  • Still, they do worry that you’re just going to use them

In spite of the fact that they know that they are beautiful, they are worried that older men date them just to use them, from a sexual point of view. So, it would be a good idea to make her feel like an appreciated person and not like someone used as an “object”.

  • Be charming and act like you’re the one they should get

Women of all ages, including young women, love a charming man that knows how to make compliments. So, use this to leave nice comments on their photos, for example, and you will definitely get their attention.

  • It would be a good idea to appear like being hunted by other girls

If women are anything than it must be competitive, especially when it comes to getting the guy they like. Playing like others women are interested in you and that there might be the risk for her to lose the chance to get to you will certainly make her want to act.

  • Don’t postpone texting for too long

In case you found a young woman you like, don’t wait too long until you start texting her. This will show you that you like being up to date with technology and the trends. Be confident and slightly sensual in your messages and you will win her quickly.

How can I find a perfect older man for a lifelong relationship?

older men looking for younger womenAre you looking for the perfect man for a lifelong relationship? If you think it’s so hard to find such men, then you are probably not looking at the right place or at the right person. For example, have you ever considered dating an older man? There are lots of good older men looking for younger women and one of them could be the perfect match for you.

Why should you consider older men?

But why should you consider an older man when you can find a man your age? Here are three very good reasons.

  • Older men are more are loving and caring: Older men know how lucky they are to have a woman who is much younger than them. As a result, they will be more loving and caring. They will always be by your side. They will shower you with gifts. They will take you to expensive vacations. In other words, they will do anything to make you happy.
  • Older men are financially secure: Older men are past their struggling days. Their priority is on living a life rather than building their career. Some of them may be very wealthy. But even if they are not, they will have a tidy saving and a few other sources of income. When you are living with an older man, you will not have to worry about your monthly bills and daily expenses.
  • Older men want long term relationship: Having been through more than one relationship, older men want to settle down for good. They often have marriage on their mind. Once they decide that you are the woman they’ve been waiting for, they will never want to let you go away. Thus, older men are perfect if you are looking for long term relationship.

How can you find the perfect older man?

Older men are everywhere. Most of them aren’t even that old. Some are in their 40s; some in their 50s; some in their 60s; and some in their 70s. All of them have one thing in common. They all like to get attention from younger women, even if they are not looking for a relationship.

But how can you find the perfect older man looking for a relationship with a younger woman like you? Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep your mind open to possibilities: We often miss good opportunities because we keep our mind shut to possibilities. There are many good older men out there and one of them could be the perfect man you have been look for. So keep your mind open to possibilities.
  • Go on a holiday to an exotic location: Older men flush with money like to spend their holidays in exotic locations. They are also often hoping to meet and fall in love with younger women. So, go to an exotic vacation destination with a friend or two.
  • Join a good dating site frequented by older men: The best way to find older men is to join an age gap website. The best of these websites have hundreds of older men looking for younger women. You don’t have to meet them in person to find out what they look like, what they do for a living, what they like, what they dislike and things like that. Once you meet them, you don’t have to date them if you don’t like them. You can check out as many men as you like before finally making your pick.

Life will offer you many chances at happiness and they may not always be what you have in mind. If you are looking for a happy and stable life, then an older man could be the perfect partner for you. So keep your option open and le the good things in life come to you.

The Perks of Dating an Older Man

Are you one of those young women who are attracted to older men? There is no need to be shy about it. Couples with a big age gap are common these days. The popularity of young women older men dating sites is proof of that. When people see a young woman with an older man, they often wonder what it is that she sees in him. They fail to see that women who date older men have a lot of things going for them. So, if you are still unsure, here are some perks of dating an older mandating an older man.

  • He can give you all the time you want

Time is a commodity that an older man has plenty of and he will not be too miserly to give it to you. Having arrived at an age when he can afford the life he wants to without having to work 24/7, he will be more than willing to give you all the time you want. You won’t even have to persuade him. They will love to be around you all the time – talking to you, listening to you, making you laugh and laughing at your jokes, walking with you, going shopping with you, cooking for you, and making love to you.

  • He can get things done

An older man knows how to get thing done. The ups and downs of life have taught him how to tackle any problem. He will handle it so easily that you won’t even know that there was a problem. He has the material and financial resources to get you out of sticky financial situations. He knows many people and has lots of right connections. Quite often, all it will take is for him to make a phone call to one of his friends, colleagues or business associates to get things done.

  • He will make love to you and not just have sex

Older men are no amateurs when it comes to sex. They have seen it all and done it all. If your man is attractive, he may have had more than his fair share. He will not be in a hurry to have sex and get it done with as soon as he can. He will take his time to make love to you. He will spend a lot of time kissing you, cuddling you, looking into your eyes, and whispering sweet nonsense into your ears. Sex with him will be intimate and more awesome than you have imagined.

  • He will buy you expensive gifts

While this is one reason you should not date a man if you are looking for the love of your life, exchanging gifts is good for your relationship. For a man, showering a woman with expensive gifts is a way of showing her how much he loves her. Older men are more generous when it comes to giving gifts. Whether he is rich or not, he will always give you the best gift his money can buy. The best thing is that he won’t expect anything in return except your love, faithfulness and plenty of sex.

The purpose of life is to be happy. An older man can make you a lot happier than a man of your age. It’s not hard to find them. All you need to do is join a good young women older men dating site and the offers will come flooding in. But you must have an interesting and exciting profile.

Does society accept an older man dating a much younger woman?

One of the main reasons a lot of older men baulk at the idea of dating a younger woman is because of the society. They are afraid that the society will not accept their relationship. But is their fear justified? Are we still in an age when older men younger women relationships were frowned upon?  Or, more correctly, was there any time in history when it was not acceptable for an older man to be in a relationship with a younger woman?older men dating younger women

To find the answer, let’s go to back 2,000 years to the times of the Roman Empire. History tells us that Julius Caesar gave his young daughter Julia in marriage to his friend Pompey. When they married, Julia was barely 17 while Pompey was 47. It is said that the couple was deeply in love and remained so until Julia died during child birth. There is no record of the Roman society of the time objecting to their marriage.

Later, Caesar himself fell in love with the much younger Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and was openly in a relationship with her until he was assassinated. His assassination had nothing to do with his relationship with Cleopatra. They even had a son. Caesar 31 years older than Cleopatra. While there was much objection to their relationship, it was because of political reasons and not because of their age difference.

Throughout the Medieval Age, it was an accepted practice among the royalty as well as common people to marry off their daughters to much older men. Such a union ensured that the young women were well taken care of and that they got to live in relative comfort. While the union did not always have a happy ending, any failure was attributed to other things rather than the difference in their age.

Now to return back to modern times, older men younger women relationships are more common than you may think. These days, wherever you go, it’s not uncommon to see couples with a noticeable age gap and the best thing is that you won’t find anyone frowning at them. The fact the most people do not even bat an eyelash when they see an older man with a much younger woman proves that the modern society doesn’t object to such relationships.

If you still have doubts, then you can look at celebrity couples for inspiration. Currently, the most famous couple that comes to mind are the movie star George Clooney and his beautiful lawyer wife Amal Clooney. There is a 17 years’ age gap between them. Here are a few other examples. Film actress Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is dating film director Darren Aronofsky, who is 22 years older than her. Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, 74, is dating film producer Noor Alfallah, who is 52 years younger than him.

Now the reason Julius Caesar was mentioned earlier in this article is that this world belongs to the bold and ambitious. The go-getter always gets the girl, regardless of the age gap between him and the girl. He is not afraid of the society’s opinion. But if you sit there worrying about what other people will say, then you will never get your woman. Stop living in your fantasy world. Go out there and get your younger woman.

Should I date young women?

older men dating younger women

older men dating younger women

Once men cross the age of 40, they begin to feel that they might have become too old to date younger women. It doesn’t help that young women in their 20s start calling them uncle, which can be rather disappointing. Some men start acting the part. But are you really too old to date younger women? Is life really over for you as far as dating women half your age is concerned? Let’s check out some facts.

It’s no secret that a lot of young women like older men. This is why dating sites are so full of younger women looking for older men. Contrary to what many people believe, it not all about money, although money is an important factor in every relationship. A majority of women who like older men are not looking for a father figure either.

So what is it that younger women find so attractive in older men? Older men have three things going for them: personal experience, success and confidence. All of these three traits are like magnets to women who have an eye for older men.

Let’s start with the value of personal experience. Personal experience is something that can only be gained with age. You know things that younger people don’t. You have seen things that younger people haven’t. You have done things that younger people haven’t done. You can keep her entertained for hours with personal stories and anecdotes. She know that you can deal with any situation because you have been through a similar situation before. She knows that experience has taught you to do the right things and make the right decisions.

Everyone is attracted to successful people. Success means money, prestige, stability and sometimes fame. Successful people have a more positive outlook. They are more contented and happier. They are bolder and surer of themselves. They are respected by everyone. A woman who is in the company of a successful man is treated with respect. Older men are generally successful. Even if you don’t consider yourself successful, you have probably left your struggling days far behind in the past.

In the eyes of a woman, confidence is perhaps the most attractive trait in a man. Confidence comes with experience and success. The more successful a man is the more confident he is. A confident man is sure of himself and his abilities. He smiles more often and is generally in a good mood. He takes the initiative and usually makes the first move. He is not afraid to admit his mistakes and apologize. He is assertive and does not hesitate to go after what he wants. More importantly, he makes a woman feel sexy.

Even if you are not as successful as you would like to be, you still have your life’s experiences and the confidence that comes with it. How old are you now? Are you in your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s? Your age is irrelevant if you are still able to lead an active lifestyle. Remember Playboy-owner Hugh Hefner. He used to date women young enough to be great-granddaughters when he was 90.

In conclusion, no matter how old you are, you are never too old to date a younger woman. In fact, you will not be too old as long as you have a heart that beats like a young man’s. It’s not hard to find

. Just join a good dating site that caters to your age group.

Is It Okay for me to be in a Relationship with a Younger Woman?

One question men often ask, mostly to themselves but sometimes in relationship forums on the internet, is, “Is it okay for me to be in a relationship with a much younger woman?” If the relationship is consensual, then the answer is yes, of course. Older men looking for younger women know the answer, but they just want to make sure that the prevailing opinion is not against them.younger women seeking olde rmen

Older men dating younger women is nothing new. It’s been happening since ancient days. Julius Caesar gave his teenage daughter in marriage to his friend (and later enemy) Pompey, who was thirty years older than her. Pompey was besotted by her charm and beauty and she, on her part, was madly in love with him. Sadly, their love story came to an end when she died at a young age.

Later, Caesar himself fell madly in love with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who was 31 years younger than him. Had he not been assassinated, she would have probably ruled the Roman Empire by his side. Cleopatra later fell in love with and married Marc Antony, who was 14 years her senior.

History is replete with examples of older men falling madly in love with much younger women and the women reciprocating their love. Today, older men younger women relationship are much more common and socially accepted than it used to be in the past. From your average Joe to celebrity couples, no one is afraid of flaunting their age gap relationship.

If you are interested in exploring a relationship with young girls looking for older men, but are not sure what other people would say, then here are 12 famous men that you can take as your inspiration.

  • Actor Hugh Jackman of the X-Men fame is 13 years older than his wife Deborra-Lee Furness
  • Pop and Jazz singer Tony Bennett is 40 years older than his former school teacher wife Susan Crow
  • Rolling Stones singer and songwriter Mick Jagger is 43 years older than his wife Melanie Hamrick
  • Actor Ryan Reynolds is 11 years older than his actress wife Blake Lively
  • Rapper and businessman Jay Z is 12 years older than his equally famous singer wife Beyonce.
  • Actor Michael Douglas is 25 years older than his equally famous actress wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Actor Harrison Ford is 23 years older than his actress wife Calista Flockhart.
  • Octogenarian publisher, businessman and playboy Hugh Hefner is 60 years older than his model wife Crystal Harris.
  • Actor Jason Statham is 20 years older than his model and actress wife Rosie Huntington-Whitley.
  • Actor, writer, filmmaker and musician Woody Allen is 35 years older than his wife Soon-Yi Previn.
  • Actor Warren Beatty is 21 years older than his actress wife Annette Bening.
  • Actor Bruce Willis is 23 years older than his model and actress wife Emma Heming.

There are many more such examples. One common thing about all these couples is that they are deliriously happy with each other despite their hug age gap. Most of them have been together for many years. So if you really love someone and want to be with her, then don’t let age gap stand in the way of your happiness. No matter how old you are, it is okay to be in a relationship with a younger woman.

How Important is Sexual Compatibility in an Older Man Younger Woman Relationship?

older men younger women relationshipsSomeone said that sex is the ultimate expression of love. This is why some people are so adamant about remaining a virgin until they are married. They want to present their virginity as a gift to the love of their life. But what happens if they are not sexually compatible? Most likely, love will soon fly out of the window and the marriage will disintegrate like a sandcastle.

Whether you agree or not, sexual compatibility is very important in a romantic relationship. It is even more important if you are an older man looking for young girls who want older men.

Sex is often the glue that holds a couple together

The importance of sex in a relationship cannot be overstated. Often, it is the glue that holds a couple together. When a man and woman have sex frequently, they will have no difficulty ironing out the other differences. When sex is great, the day-to-day problems of life seem trivial. But if sex is missing in a relationship, then the resulting dissatisfaction will soon spill over into other aspects of life.

Dan Savage, advice columnist and podcaster, says, “The relationship graveyard is full of tombstones that say ‘Everything was great ….. except sex’”. He couldn’t be more right. Lack of sex is one of the top 5 reasons behind failed marriages, according to various statistics.

Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to infidelity

It is natural for a man and a woman in a relationship to have different levels of sexual desire. In some couples, the man has a higher sex drive while in others it’s the opposite. But as long as they are both capable of satisfying each other, they can make things work. However, if the incompatibility is so big that it prevents them from having a normal sex life, then the resulting dissatisfaction can poison their relationship.

Sexually dissatisfied people often seek satisfaction elsewhere – even if they still love their partner. Once a partner starts having sex outside the relationship, suspicion and distrust become the order of the day. Infidelity is never good for any relationship. Nothing can damage a relationship faster and more permanently than unfaithfulness. Once the cheater is caught, it’s usually goodbye.

Sexual competence is an indicator of good health

Everyone wants to have a healthy partner. Good health means the ability to work, take care of family’s needs and enjoy life. Sexual competence is a good indication of good health because only a healthy and strong person can have sex on a regular basis. Anyone who is incapable of having sex regularly is either unhealthy or senile.

Any older man who wants to have a lasting relationship with a younger woman must prove the he is still that man he claims to be showing her his sexual prowess. Otherwise, he will soon lose her respect. In the same way, any younger woman who wants to have relationship with an older man must prove that she is capable of satisfying him.

Thus, sex plays a major role in a relationship and sexual compatibility is of paramount importance for a happy marriage. The best place to find a partner who is compatible, not just sexually but in every way, are age gap dating sites. You will get to take your pick out of many men or women who are looking for someone just like you.

What do Younger Women Want from Older Men?

younger women older men relationshipsMany women are attracted to men who are much older than them. There is nothing new or strange about it. If you happen to be one such lucky man, you have probably stopped to wonder what she wants from you. Is it love? Is it sex? Or is she in it just for my money? There is “no one size fits all” answer to this question because different women want different things.

What a lot of women, both young and old, want in a relationship is stability. This is one department in which older men really take the cake. They are done with playing around and want nothing more than a stable relationship. Young women who have been in one or more failed relationships with men of their own age group are often disillusioned with relationships. So, many younger women looking for older men want stability in their life.

Financial security is another important thing women want from their men. And why should they not? Life is uncertain at the best of times. A nice house to live in, a shiny car to go driving, a good income to put food on the table and buy pretty clothes, and a fat bank balance to ward off bad days – these are the things that make life easier and more certain. There is nothing wrong for a woman wanting financial security.

A father plays an important role in girl’s life. He is her provider, her mentor and her pillar of strength. As she grows up, she will have fond memories of her father showering her with love and affection. Women who adore their father, or lost their father at a young age, or have never had one are often subconsciously looking for a father figure. They automatically gravitate towards older men who have some of the qualities of her real or imaginary father.

While talking on the subject, one mustn’t forget love. Though most people look at older men younger women relationships with a certain amount of skepticism, love does play a big role in the relationship. There are countless examples of couples with a huge age gap who are deeply and madly in love with each other.

Last but not least, there is something very important that women want from their partner and that is the ability to make them laugh.

“We are best mates. He makes me laugh every day. I almost feel like I never had a proper boyfriend before.” This is the beautiful supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitley (of Transformers: Dark of the Moon fame) talking about her film star husband Jason Statham, who is known for his tough guy image in films like The Transporters and Furious 7. They have an age difference of 20 years between them.

Huntington-Whitely is not the only woman who is attracted to older men for their ability to make her laugh. Older men have more life experiences and more stories and anecdotes to tell. They are also more confident. Many of them can really make women laugh. Do you happen to be one such man by any chance?