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The Rules for Interacting with Young beautiful girls

Dating a younger woman is definitely a prize for every man, but do you know how to do this right? While you may be a successful and mature man, let us not forget that there’s an age gap between you and the young women you are looking to date so you will need a bit of knowledge in order to make things run smooth. After all, the whole idea you got into dating young women is to actually meet and date them. So, perhaps you should continue reading the following lines and make sure that everything will come out as you desire.

  • Make them want to want you

Most certainly you spent a lot of time and effort in creating an interesting profile. That’s good because in the online world, the way a profile looks can make it or break it for you. But, it is worth knowing that it is not enough to have a great profile. You see, the girl that likes what she sees on your profile will also want to find out if you’re the same in real life. So, try to be honest when sharing information on your profile because your first date with someone can go wrong if the young woman you date realizes that you’re not like in the profile.

  • You do have an advantage

Keep in mind that most men that want to date young women online usually get to the part where they ask for nude pictures rather quickly. Also, these women know that their biggest advantage is their beauty, so they may want to get to you and have you fulfill them all kinds of wishes this way. So, play nice and show them that you’re not that easy to get.

  • Younger girls are more accessible

Choosing to look for dates on a site with younger women is better from the point of view that they don’t have expectancies that are too high. As you may know, some women, more mature women, expect to be treated in a way and spoiled. Younger girls are more easy going and won’t demand too many.

  • Still, they do worry that you’re just going to use them

In spite of the fact that they know that they are beautiful, they are worried that older men date them just to use them, from a sexual point of view. So, it would be a good idea to make her feel like an appreciated person and not like someone used as an “object”.

  • Be charming and act like you’re the one they should get

Women of all ages, including young women, love a charming man that knows how to make compliments. So, use this to leave nice comments on their photos, for example, and you will definitely get their attention.

  • It would be a good idea to appear like being hunted by other girls

If women are anything than it must be competitive, especially when it comes to getting the guy they like. Playing like others women are interested in you and that there might be the risk for her to lose the chance to get to you will certainly make her want to act.

  • Don’t postpone texting for too long

In case you found a young woman you like, don’t wait too long until you start texting her. This will show you that you like being up to date with technology and the trends. Be confident and slightly sensual in your messages and you will win her quickly.

Is It Okay for me to be in a Relationship with a Younger Woman?

One question men often ask, mostly to themselves but sometimes in relationship forums on the internet, is, “Is it okay for me to be in a relationship with a much younger woman?” If the relationship is consensual, then the answer is yes, of course. Older men looking for younger women know the answer, but they just want to make sure that the prevailing opinion is not against them.younger women seeking olde rmen

Older men dating younger women is nothing new. It’s been happening since ancient days. Julius Caesar gave his teenage daughter in marriage to his friend (and later enemy) Pompey, who was thirty years older than her. Pompey was besotted by her charm and beauty and she, on her part, was madly in love with him. Sadly, their love story came to an end when she died at a young age.

Later, Caesar himself fell madly in love with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who was 31 years younger than him. Had he not been assassinated, she would have probably ruled the Roman Empire by his side. Cleopatra later fell in love with and married Marc Antony, who was 14 years her senior.

History is replete with examples of older men falling madly in love with much younger women and the women reciprocating their love. Today, older men younger women relationship are much more common and socially accepted than it used to be in the past. From your average Joe to celebrity couples, no one is afraid of flaunting their age gap relationship.

If you are interested in exploring a relationship with young girls looking for older men, but are not sure what other people would say, then here are 12 famous men that you can take as your inspiration.

  • Actor Hugh Jackman of the X-Men fame is 13 years older than his wife Deborra-Lee Furness
  • Pop and Jazz singer Tony Bennett is 40 years older than his former school teacher wife Susan Crow
  • Rolling Stones singer and songwriter Mick Jagger is 43 years older than his wife Melanie Hamrick
  • Actor Ryan Reynolds is 11 years older than his actress wife Blake Lively
  • Rapper and businessman Jay Z is 12 years older than his equally famous singer wife Beyonce.
  • Actor Michael Douglas is 25 years older than his equally famous actress wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Actor Harrison Ford is 23 years older than his actress wife Calista Flockhart.
  • Octogenarian publisher, businessman and playboy Hugh Hefner is 60 years older than his model wife Crystal Harris.
  • Actor Jason Statham is 20 years older than his model and actress wife Rosie Huntington-Whitley.
  • Actor, writer, filmmaker and musician Woody Allen is 35 years older than his wife Soon-Yi Previn.
  • Actor Warren Beatty is 21 years older than his actress wife Annette Bening.
  • Actor Bruce Willis is 23 years older than his model and actress wife Emma Heming.

There are many more such examples. One common thing about all these couples is that they are deliriously happy with each other despite their hug age gap. Most of them have been together for many years. So if you really love someone and want to be with her, then don’t let age gap stand in the way of your happiness. No matter how old you are, it is okay to be in a relationship with a younger woman.

How to date a younger woman online?

Over the years it has been observed that elder men from across the globe prefer dating women that are younger than them. This is due to the fact that younger women are interesting, energetic and have a fair deal of time to spend on their family. From an older man’s perspective, dating a younger woman is a great experience that makes him forget his age and brings out his more fun-loving side. In addition, they are known to appreciate all the little things in life coming from their younger companion.

Nowadays, both younger women and older men are willing to choose dating platform to find their soulmate. Although dating young women online is not a new thing to older men, they still need some key skills. Here are a few things that you as an older man need to keep in mind when you’re looking to date a younger woman online:

The first step – join a reliable dating site: When you join a reliable dating site that boasts of tones of interesting options and communication features, you’d certainly find it easy to find a life companion. Specialist younger women – older men dating sites have a decent member base, which increases your chances of finding a compatible partner.

Make your profile attractive: Profile is the first impression to other people, so it is very important. You have to know these tips to create an attractive profile. Keep “About me” short and sweet, don’t introduce your whole life. List your hobbies, like concerts and exhibitions. Upload some happy grin photos to your profile. And be honest, you know honest is the thing that matters the most when it comes to online dating. When you chat with a young woman online, show her you have a sense of humor. It’s a great icebreaker and could get your conversation off to a great start.

You’d be expected to help her achieve her goals: A lot of younger women are focused on their careers rather than on having a family and kids. It is essential that you understand this and don’t just be under the impression that she’d be content with everything that you offer. She has certain goals in life and as an experienced person, you’d have to ensure that she makes a name for herself. Make sure you convey this while chatting online.

You never treat her like a trophy: Looking for a younger companion doesn’t mean that you’d treat her like a trophy and she would be fine with it. Regardless of age, women expect their companion to respect them and treat them in the right way. Some elder men make the mistake of being too rigid on their expectations from the relationship and lay a great deal of emphasis on physical attachment rather than on emotional attachment.

She isn’t desperate to date you: Oftentimes, elder men feel that their financial status would be an attractive force, which would help them land a gorgeous partner. This is absolutely wrong and there is no dearth of eligible bachelors in the world of online dating. If the person whom you’d like to date finds your attitude intolerable, she would certainly dump you in favor of someone better.

Dating online isn’t very difficult. It is people that make things complicated. It is essential that you stick to the basics and take the best possible approach to find the right partner regardless of whether you’re in your 40s or in 60s.