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Does society accept an older man dating a much younger woman?

One of the main reasons a lot of older men baulk at the idea of dating a younger woman is because of the society. They are afraid that the society will not accept their relationship. But is their fear justified? Are we still in an age when older men younger women relationships were frowned upon?  Or, more correctly, was there any time in history when it was not acceptable for an older man to be in a relationship with a younger woman?older men dating younger women

To find the answer, let’s go to back 2,000 years to the times of the Roman Empire. History tells us that Julius Caesar gave his young daughter Julia in marriage to his friend Pompey. When they married, Julia was barely 17 while Pompey was 47. It is said that the couple was deeply in love and remained so until Julia died during child birth. There is no record of the Roman society of the time objecting to their marriage.

Later, Caesar himself fell in love with the much younger Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and was openly in a relationship with her until he was assassinated. His assassination had nothing to do with his relationship with Cleopatra. They even had a son. Caesar 31 years older than Cleopatra. While there was much objection to their relationship, it was because of political reasons and not because of their age difference.

Throughout the Medieval Age, it was an accepted practice among the royalty as well as common people to marry off their daughters to much older men. Such a union ensured that the young women were well taken care of and that they got to live in relative comfort. While the union did not always have a happy ending, any failure was attributed to other things rather than the difference in their age.

Now to return back to modern times, older men younger women relationships are more common than you may think. These days, wherever you go, it’s not uncommon to see couples with a noticeable age gap and the best thing is that you won’t find anyone frowning at them. The fact the most people do not even bat an eyelash when they see an older man with a much younger woman proves that the modern society doesn’t object to such relationships.

If you still have doubts, then you can look at celebrity couples for inspiration. Currently, the most famous couple that comes to mind are the movie star George Clooney and his beautiful lawyer wife Amal Clooney. There is a 17 years’ age gap between them. Here are a few other examples. Film actress Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is dating film director Darren Aronofsky, who is 22 years older than her. Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, 74, is dating film producer Noor Alfallah, who is 52 years younger than him.

Now the reason Julius Caesar was mentioned earlier in this article is that this world belongs to the bold and ambitious. The go-getter always gets the girl, regardless of the age gap between him and the girl. He is not afraid of the society’s opinion. But if you sit there worrying about what other people will say, then you will never get your woman. Stop living in your fantasy world. Go out there and get your younger woman.

Should I date young women?

older men dating younger women

older men dating younger women

Once men cross the age of 40, they begin to feel that they might have become too old to date younger women. It doesn’t help that young women in their 20s start calling them uncle, which can be rather disappointing. Some men start acting the part. But are you really too old to date younger women? Is life really over for you as far as dating women half your age is concerned? Let’s check out some facts.

It’s no secret that a lot of young women like older men. This is why dating sites are so full of younger women looking for older men. Contrary to what many people believe, it not all about money, although money is an important factor in every relationship. A majority of women who like older men are not looking for a father figure either.

So what is it that younger women find so attractive in older men? Older men have three things going for them: personal experience, success and confidence. All of these three traits are like magnets to women who have an eye for older men.

Let’s start with the value of personal experience. Personal experience is something that can only be gained with age. You know things that younger people don’t. You have seen things that younger people haven’t. You have done things that younger people haven’t done. You can keep her entertained for hours with personal stories and anecdotes. She know that you can deal with any situation because you have been through a similar situation before. She knows that experience has taught you to do the right things and make the right decisions.

Everyone is attracted to successful people. Success means money, prestige, stability and sometimes fame. Successful people have a more positive outlook. They are more contented and happier. They are bolder and surer of themselves. They are respected by everyone. A woman who is in the company of a successful man is treated with respect. Older men are generally successful. Even if you don’t consider yourself successful, you have probably left your struggling days far behind in the past.

In the eyes of a woman, confidence is perhaps the most attractive trait in a man. Confidence comes with experience and success. The more successful a man is the more confident he is. A confident man is sure of himself and his abilities. He smiles more often and is generally in a good mood. He takes the initiative and usually makes the first move. He is not afraid to admit his mistakes and apologize. He is assertive and does not hesitate to go after what he wants. More importantly, he makes a woman feel sexy.

Even if you are not as successful as you would like to be, you still have your life’s experiences and the confidence that comes with it. How old are you now? Are you in your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s? Your age is irrelevant if you are still able to lead an active lifestyle. Remember Playboy-owner Hugh Hefner. He used to date women young enough to be great-granddaughters when he was 90.

In conclusion, no matter how old you are, you are never too old to date a younger woman. In fact, you will not be too old as long as you have a heart that beats like a young man’s. It’s not hard to find

. Just join a good dating site that caters to your age group.

Potential Problems Involving Older Men Who Seek Younger Women

One of the principle dangers for younger women looking for older men is the potential predatory male. The fact remains, even as the phenomenon of couples with large age differences becomes more common, that there are older men who prey on younger women for sexual gratification and for their own ego issues. This problem stems from many things but one researcher isolates the issue of power dominance in romantic and intimate relationships.

Older men who seek younger womenDr. Athena Stalk describes what she calls “eroticized dominance” in relationships (Psychcentral). In these cases, one partner, and it is usually the male partner, exerts tremendous dominance over the other in forms that range from sexual victimization to pathological control over the other partner’s life. In extreme cases this stems from a narcissistic disorder in which an individual feels no empathy toward others. These relationships are damaging to everyone concerned and can even be lethal. These are the most extreme cases and younger women who may be specifically looking for older men should be aware of these kinds of issues. They are definitely a minority, but they are real.

Some even argue that men who seek younger women are largely driven by the forms of eroticized dominance described above. However, another study tempers this belief at least to some degree with the theory that men who seek younger women as romantic partners are driven more by a biological drive in which men naturally seek intimate partners who are at the reproductive peek, that there is an “innate biological desire men hold for women in their most fertile years” (Catiglia). This theory would have us believe that older men who are specifically interested in younger women are simply following a biological drive that exceeds any cultural and social norms with respect to age norms and relationships. While the issue of dominance over women remains a real problem, given this study this dominance is clearly revealed to be a psychological problem and not an inevitable problem that drives men to choose younger women as partners.

The issue of nature versus nurture is an old one and ultimately culture seems to be the operative force when it comes to most if not all of human behavior. Another study from Finland seems to complicate any all-encompassing theory that would account for why some men are primarily interested in younger women. These researchers found that while the obvious tendency for men to prefer younger women as the men age was indeed prevalent, many men actually preferred to stay within their own age group when choosing sexual and romantic partners. They basically found that “as he grows older, he will be more interested in younger women. But not exclusively. He will also be interested in women his own age or older” (Science Nordic). More than anything, this study just complicates the issue enough to suggest that any simple theory as to why some older men prefer younger women is just not going to account for the complexity of real human behavior. The bottom line here is that people do what they do for many reasons; dominance and power relations and biological drives are just a few of the myriad factors that drive human behavior.

A quick search of age gap dating sites can reveal some disturbing features. There are in fact dating sites geared toward predatory men. But overall, these remain a small part of the picture and any discerning man can screen through these things. Most older men, it would seem from the research, are motivated to be with younger women simply because they want love and companionship and they find this more readily in younger women than in women their own age.

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How to plan a romantic date for older men dating younger women

They say forty is the new twenty, but these days it’s more like fifty for older men looking for younger women.  Younger women seek out older men who are more mature and more stable with their lives.  It can be intimidating, at first, when seeking out younger women, as they are so beautiful and seemingly out of your league.  This is not true; all you need is a plan and a cool head.  Don’t let your nerves take over and ruin a date, listen to these dating tips to sweep younger women off their feet.

Be Yourself

This is the number one reason why all relationships fizzle out before they even get started.  You meet someone, they like your personality, your style, and when you go on your first date, everything changes.  Younger women want to date an older man because they are confident in their own skin.  Don’t try to pander to trends or styles that are associated with younger guys.

Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your own date late or spending too much time trying to figure out what you want to do on your date.  Older Men dating younger women already have enough pressure as it is, romantic dates don’t need to be at a fancy restaurant, younger women find simple dates cute and endearing, but having it all planned out in advanced shows her that you really care enough to take time out of your day to show your affection.

Be Dapper

Whatever you do, don’t try to impress your younger date by attempting to dress younger.  Older men’s swagger is a highly attractive style these days.  Business-casual is the sort of classy, yet practical look that you should go for, but make sure you’re comfortable.  Avoid overdressing and sweating through your shirts.  You don’t want to ruin your big moment at the end of the night when you go to lean in for the kiss!

Be Thoughtful

Romantic dates, no matter how extravagant or how nice they are, there needs to be plenty of conversation.  This can be tough for older men looking for younger women who are a decade or two younger than him.  To get over this obstacle, brainstorm a couple of conversation topics that you can throw out there whenever you feel like there is a moment of awkward silence coming on.

Be Spontaneous

Planning your romantic getaway with your date to ensure its special and filled with only the best food and fun is ideal, however, you should also avoid calculating your ever move while on your date.  Don’t overthink everything and try to let things come to you natural.  Girls don’t like it when a guy tries to be perfect and acts like they are right about everything.  Take risks, you will be rewarded.

Have Fun!

Romantic dates don’t have to be all serious and all flirting.  Get out there and tell some jokes, have a dance, and try to avoid as much political talk as possible.  Younger women these days aren’t as adverse to serious conversations, but older Men dating younger women should try not to harp on the negative sides of life and remind her that you are there to help her forget about the stress, even just for a moment.

How do older men find younger women?

It is quite common today to find older men dating younger women. This practice is not considered immoral, unusual or shocking as it was in the past. There are many benefits for both younger women and older men that come from relationships like this. Increased feeling of security, better loyalty, financial stability – these are some of the things that attract younger women to older men. At the same time, older men find younger women more energetic, more attractive and more interesting. So, this is a win-win situation for both sides. But, in order to enjoy the benefits of such relationship, older men must find younger women.

The good news is that there are many different legitimate ways in which older gentlemen are getting a chance to find attractive younger women. For instance, one of the most efficient ways to find a girl like this is to open an account on a dating website specialized for these categories of people. There are dozens of websites like this, but it is the best idea to check their background and read some reviews before using one because unfortunately some of them might be fake. Those who will choose this method will be able to learn more about their potential date. They will find out what are their needs and desires, the things they like or dislike and what are their hobbies too. On the other hand, all members of these websites are actively looking for a partner, so you can go wrong if you start a conversation with them. Besides text messages, some dating websites provide video calls too.

But, using the Internet is not the only way for older gentlemen to find younger women. It seems that attending social gatherings and events, especially the ones created for people with relatively big age gap can be very effective too. The basic purpose of these gatherings is to connect people of different ages that have similar ideas. The best part is that the events are designed to help people learn more about each other before they arrange a date. This is an excellent way to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. As we all know, an unsuccessful date is a big waste of time (and sometimes money) for the both sides. These events usually include dinner, social interactions and other similar activities.

Even though the two aforementioned ways of finding younger women are the most effective ones, there are some other ways too. These methods are used by all men and some of them include visiting restaurants and bars or nightclubs where it is not unusual to see older men. Older men can also rely on some traditional ways to meet younger women like introductions by relatives and friends, asking a colleague out (if it’s appropriate) and many other ways.

In the end, older men should remember that they should keep trying and they will eventually find the right young woman for them. The time and efforts spent on this activity will definitely pay off.

5 killer ways for older men to surprise their young girlfriend

older men dating younger womenIt seems that it is much easier for older men dating younger women to surprise their partner. They are not very experienced and there are more things that can make them surprised and happy. However, not everything that crosses an older man’s mind is equally interesting and attractive. In case you are looking for a way to surprise your young girlfriend then it is a good idea to follow some of our tips. Before we share the details, it is also good to know that preparing such surprises every once in a while will make your relationship stronger and more exciting for both partners.

Feel free to share the love

We all know that older men don’t express their love frequently, but this doesn’t mean that they should avoid showing their love and appreciation from time to time. So, don’t wait for some special event or date to share the love you have – use your next night on the town to express your feelings. Make her feel special and loved. Young women love this especially today when it seems that many people are getting alienated.

Give her special gifts

When we say give her special gifts, we don’t mean buying expensive things (although this is an option too). The main point is to find something that will make your partner feel happy and appreciate the time you’ve spent finding a suitable gift. Make sure that the gift symbolizes something. It is also good to find something closely related to her personality. In order to do be sure that you are on the right track, check the items she already owns to see what she really likes. Once again, this gift doesn’t have to be expensive even though buying something expensive is fine too.

Use sticky notes

Now here’s something that will bring older men back in the old days. Leaving sticky notes is not used for business purposes only and they are certainly not useless in this digital age that we live in. You can use these sticky notes when you are leaving the home or at her workplace. Use them whenever you are not around just to remind her that you are thinking about her and to show your love.

Prepare a dinner

Older men dating younger women have another advantage – they are experienced chefs. Well, you don’t really have to prepare some spectacular meal seen on food channels. What is important is to spend some time in the kitchen, prepare a tasty meal and surprise your young girlfriend with a homemade dinner. Don’t forget to make the place look more romantic.

Throw a surprise party

If you really want to surprise your young girlfriend you should throw a surprise party on her birthday. She is still young and loves birthdays, so use this opportunity and unleash the creativity you have. Call her friends and your friends and organize a surprise party in a restaurant or in your home.

How to date a younger woman if a man is over 50

We all know that dating over 50 is a reality and even the older men can easily have the ability to date younger women. There’s no denying that many women which are younger can see the older man as the sugar daddy, but as time passes this can also transform into true love so it can be really fun and exciting all the same, it all comes down to how the woman and man address the entire experience.

older men dating younger womenA good way to focus on dating when you are a man who is over 50 and looking for younger women is to make sure that you focus on fully understanding the woman and what she likes or says. There really is an age difference so you have to be patient when you date, because women do feel that they date someone their own age and can’t really understand an older man right off the bat, so you do need to keep that in mind as the results can be incredible if you do so.

The idea is to be patient and make sure that you work closely with the dating partner in order to make sure that she understands what you want, how you see this relationship and what it can offer. This can definitely take quite a lot of time and effort in order to get the best results, but investing these resources is mandatory when you date, that’s for sure as there can’t be a much better outcome otherwise.

Remember that dating can also be a gamble, because some girls are interested in money and not love, so you should try to do a few dates in order to see what the girl really wants as that’s the best way to get a good set of results.

You have to always keep in mind the fact that even if younger women might not love you at first, their love comes in time so behave, show your appreciation and treat them in an amazing manner, they will definitely enjoy your habits and at the end of the day the outcome can be well worth it.

Yes, it can be hard to do especially if you want to date a younger woman, but it’s not something impossible for sure and it all comes down to you to obtain the best experience and stellar results, as that’s what will be very appreciated in the long run. What you have to note when it comes to the dating habits is that each person has its own set of habits, so just be yourself during the date and if it works, pursue it forward. Sure it might take a little while in order to do so but the results can be amazing so you should definitely keep them in mind, so just go ahead and enjoy dating over 50 with younger women as that is possible and a lot of fun!

Older men prefer to date young women who are half their age

An older man accompanied by a young woman who is half their age – this is no longer a surprise today. But let’s be honest, what do most people think when they see a couple like that? They usually think that the man is going through some kind of midlife crisis. This is just prejudice because without analyzing all the reasons we cannot come up with an answer. This is a serious question that comes with complex answers.

older men dating younger womenRegardless of the generation gap that is obvious in a relationship like this, more and more men choose younger women and decide to start serious relationships with them. It is not uncommon for these relationships to end in happy marriage. While this is something that modern society has accepted, there are many people, especially women, who are wondering what the reasons behind relationships like this are.

To start with, it is a well-known fact that women tend to become mature much faster than men and this leads to a need to bond and start a family. This is why most women are ready to get married before their male peers. They are also prepared to become mothers while the majority of men are not so sure about this. Older men who are dating with women half their age are trying to postpone marriage and enjoy the freedom that relationships bring.

There are many debates focused on determining whether this is something that is linked to Mother Nature or our society. Of course, there is no clear answer to this question, but the fact is that most men have always viewed and still view themselves as protectors and suppliers of the family. Younger women are prone to listening to their partner’s thoughts and let their partners take care of them. So, if the man is older, this means that he has experience and knowledge and this is what makes them attractive in the eyes of young woman.

Furthermore, when men enter the years in which things start to go down (in terms of health and career), men need someone that can boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. That’s why you can often see relationships between wealthy old men and young women.

There is no doubt that men love their ego and most of them can confirm this. While it is true that there are men that are attracted to older women, it is also true that most of them would enjoy the company of an attractive woman that can be even half of their age.

Finally, older men and young women share the same need for coherence. On the other hand, young men are focused on career and young women on their relationship. When men reach middle age, there is a reversal. At that moment, man will understand that they have squandered their youth on a quest for power and they have ignored their family all the time. They are no longer interested in their pursuit for power and start looking more from their relationship. On the other hand, their partners are tired of putting their relationship and children in the first place. They usually start focusing more on themselves and invest in their education or career. So, this is another reason why men like younger women. They are compatible with each other. This might be the reason why they are starting to think about creating a new family in which they will have a suitable role.

Rules for older men dating younger women

Older men younger women dating might have been a taboo in earlier times, but today, it is as ordinary as a same age couples. But, why are older men dating younger women? Obviously, younger women are smart, simple, well-educated, and have less expectations. In addition, they’re good in bed too. The most important thing is that their passion isn’t worn away by life, most young women are always full of vitality. And older men need this kind of feeling that younger women can bring to them. Although not all younger women love older men, but there are always some, who find no harm in dating an older man.

older men dating younger women

So if you are an old guy who is looking for a younger woman, you need to know how to date a younger woman and catch her heart as early as possible. Here is a small guide that would help you find your love easier:

  • Know what young women like to talk about: It is easy to know what young girls like: they always talk about fashion and the most popular things. So don’t go too far and only say something outdated. At least, you should read some vogue magazines and learn some cyberspeak before dating. But it dosen’t mean you ought to follow her lead, any way, she is young, so you lead, make the rules, she’ll respond in amazing ways when you take charge.
  • Do not sound desperate: If you meet younger women online, do not sound like a desperate jerk that is looking for just sexual favours. Project yourself like an intelligent gentle man with loads of knowledge that you are willing to share. Be caring like a daddy and very confident. Young women love older men since they are easy to understand.
  • Shower the younger women you are dating with gifts: The younger woman you are dating is dating you because you are financially secure along with other factors. Tell her she is right by showering her with expensive gifts and exotic holiday packages.
  • Be well dressed always: Younger woman love it when their man showers all the love on her and is always presentable. A shabby looking old man is a big turn off for a young girl. She would not feel comfortable making him meet her friends, but if the older man she is dating looks presentable, she would feel comfortable introducing her friends to him.

Unlike old times, younger women these days are more open to dating old men since more and more younger women understand what they really want. Older men dating younger women should try their best to show a mature man of charisma and also need to do their checking before committing to a young woman since there are chances that the pretty young woman is faking her feeling only for you are rich.

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