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Understanding the younger women dating site mathematical advantage

The game of dating often means competition, as there are many men out there looking to get a beautiful woman as their date. Of course, this can also mean that others may like the same woman you like. Still, in the case of younger women that are looking to date older men, things are a bit more different. You, the mature man, have much more chances to get things your way. Would you like to know how this is happening? Well, let us look at how things work when it comes to dating younger women and what you need to know in order to understand them and turn things in your favor.

  • Your age is your biggest advantage

First of all, the mere fact that you are a mature man works in your favor. There are many young women out there that would like to date older men, so the score is already favoring you. It’s enough to set up a profile on a younger women dating older men website and you will see just how many beautiful and young women will want to get to know you. You will become the hunted, not the other way around, so this is one of the biggest advantages of being a mature man in search of a younger date.

  • Women simply love a powerful and confident man

What you need to know is that women are, by nature, attracted by men that are confident and powerful. When we say “powerful”, we make reference to the fact that you have a successful career, you have everything you want in your life, and you are not afraid to get what you need. So, if you like a woman, be masculine and confident and don’t hesitate to approach her. You will charm her with your confidence right away. Just take a closer look at successful older men, like George Clooney, who managed to attract partners that are young and beautiful, much younger than they are. This can happen to you as well.

  • You don’t have to look for women, as they will look for you

Again, the best part about being present on a dating site where young women are looking for older men is that you will be sought after. You will barely have to deposit any kind of effort and you will easily meet very many young women.

  • You will not be their wallet

While it is true that some are going for the financial advantages provided by dating older men, many of them want more than just to be spoiled with gifts. They know that an older man is more refined and experienced, knowing how to treat a woman and make her feel special. Do this to your younger date and make her feel special, and she will be yours in no time.

  • They simply want someone to treat them better

As mentioned before, make sure to treat your chosen woman well and you will soon enjoy a successful and fulfilling relationship. Many young women are tired of dating young men that don’t know how to behave with women; this is why they are seeking someone like you.

  • You will become their dream come true

Are you looking to date beautiful and young women? Well, this is not your fantasy, as you are their fantasy. Yes, it is actually the other way around. You have what it takes to be charming and win a woman over, so use your skills and become their dream come true.

Perceptions and stereotypes about young women older men dating

Entering into a relationship that involves a noticeable age difference will trigger judgements from others that are part and parcel to a host of stereotypes regarding both men and women. This is unfortunate but it is a fact that both parties will need to take into consideration. In an article published by The Guardian, the stereotypes of the “gold-digging” younger woman and the predatory older man still attach themselves to these types of relationships (McKie). People tend to rush to the assumptions that any older man who is romantically involved with a younger woman is motivated primarily out of an ego-driven need to rekindle his own lost youth through a charged “fling” with a young and attractive woman. As younger women enter into these relationships, they are frequently accused of being driven by the desire for potential material gain that they may find in a man who is older and more financially independent.

These stereotypes stem almost exclusively from the discomfort people feel toward any relationship that does not fit into the comfortable and familiar models that are already culturally accepted. On the one hand, it is only natural that others will attempt to make sense of something which is unknown to them by using ready-made models for understanding things. Older men and younger women entering into romantic and loving relationships can expect to run into these assumptions. On the other hand, few of us in any relationship, traditional or otherwise, actually fit the presumed image we are fed from television and movies. We no longer live in a time when it can be expected that a man at any age necessarily offers a woman a list of financial and material gifts which would seduce her into a relationship she would not otherwise choose.

It is also useful to point out that these stereotypical assumptions are insulting to both women and men. To presume that a younger woman is in a relationship with an older man primarily because she gets some kind of material benefit is insulting to her as a woman and as a human being. This stereotype presumes that she is motivated primarily by greed and, what is more, that she has no real worth beyond the young body she offers not only to an older man, but to any man. By the same token, these stereotypes also impugn older men even as they endow these men with a power they do not necessarily possess.

A tacit assumption that comes with the belief that older men are in relationships with younger women for reasons of ego and sexual gratification is the implication that these men have some kind of magical power over younger women, that the seduction of one young woman is really just evidence of a long line of seductions. In fact, this endows these men with a power over women that they do not have and it implies that these women are weak and easily overwhelmed by a masculine charm that is really just the stuff of bad movies.

It is helpful for new couples to remind those who are close to them that they are involved for the same reasons anyone else is romantically involved. Couples who enter into these relationships should be aware of how they might be perceived by others, but they do not have to be driven by these perceptions. As with any new relationship, the test is in how well the couple stands together. Certainly, sensitivity to family members and others who are close needs to be respected, but any older man/younger woman couple can successfully negotiate these assumptions and stereotypes. Being aware that the stereotypes exist and that they will likely be subject to the assumptions that come with them should give couples an increased awareness of how to negotiate the problems of how they may be perceived by others.

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