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Intimacy and Sex in Relationships between Older Men and Younger Women

younger women As more young women enter into relationships with older men we can expect certain issues to inevitably arise. Some of the obvious things such as public perceptions of the relationship, addressing the age difference with family members, and simple things like varying life experiences—all these things can be dealt with freely. The issue of sex and intimacy are obviously more sensitive and many women and men may not be comfortable discussing this openly even with their potential partners.

Obviously older men are not the same animals they were when they were in their twenties. The male libido decreases as men age and this may be a real concern for younger women dating older men. An article in points out that older men simply may not have the stamina of younger men. This is a fact that both partners will need to understand. However, older men generally more than compensate for this lack of stamina. Many younger women find that  “(o)lder men usually have more control over the physical and mental state of their being and a much greater knowledge of what elicits pleasure for a woman” (Chuba). This is to say that older men tend to be far more in control of themselves physically, using self-control and restraint in order to please their partners, and these men also have had more experience and therefore have more knowledge of what women want in bed. Simply put, older men know what they are doing far more than their younger counterparts.

What is more, many younger women complain that they require more foreplay form a partner than they typically get from men around their own age. Since older men also require more time to become aroused this results in a mutually pleasurable sexual relationships. Women are aroused and satisfied by the amount of time older men tend to take with them, and older men are equally gratified by the patience the relation requires. This becomes a win-win situation for both partners.

If these relationships are to last, the issues that attend the elder of the partners are obviously going to become more pronounced. As men age problems such as erectile dysfunction are going to come about for some of these couples. This is just a biological fact. As the male body ages, the functions of youthful vitality diminish. But a simple search on a site like WebMD offers all kinds of solutions for these issues. Of course, there is no substitute for consulting a physician on these matters, but we do live in an age that offers a number of effective medical treatments for erectile dysfunction (WebMD). The authors on WebMD go on to point out that “age” itself is a more complex idea than it once was. As medical science has increased longevity in general, sexual viability has also increased. In addition to the traditional medical treatments for sexual issues for older men, there are natural treatments that many men have found effective. Horny Goat Weed is one such herbal treatment for E.D. (WebMD). Again, always consult a medical doctor before any self-diagnosis or treatment.

The over picture for older men younger women relationships is positive. These relationships are becoming increasingly common and, thanks to modern medical science, the sexual and intimate dimension to these relationships remains positive. Older men are more patient and responsive to their partners than younger men. They have more experience and therefore more knowledge of what women want sexually. And any physical issues that may come along with aging in these men can largely be treated.

Chuba, Valerie.

Some fascinating dating fact young women will surely want to know

Even if relationships between younger women and older men continue to be stigmatized by the society and there are some downsides to making such choices, they still happen quite often. The increasing number of older men younger women dating sites are proof that this phenomenon is more spread than some of us would like to admit. Younger women are attrayounger women looking for older men dating sitescted by older men and that is a fact we cannot deny and which is stated by women themselves. The high number of users on younger women looking for older men dating sites shows that there is a large interest in such relationships from both sides. Why young women end up making such choices? Here are some facts you may consider very interesting and which may fit your situation.

  • Older men are more established and can give you the feeling of security

Older men had sufficient time, until meeting you, to put their lives in order. Their career may be great and so is their financial status. They have a house, car, and everything they need for a comfortable life. A young man, on the other hand, can be quite far from all these, so being in such a relationship can be quite challenging for both of you.

  • Communication is much better

Young women notice that when they are in the company of an older man, they are listened and they can actually have interesting and mature conversations. This is very surprising considering that young men usually don’t have the patience and will to communicate and listen to their partners, which is often infuriating for women.

  • You will be in the company of a good looking man

Mature men are always concerned about their looks, so no matter where they go, they will be careful to look sharp, even if their apparel is a casual one. It actually feels good to date a man that looks and smells great, and acts like a gentleman. Most likely you will want to repeat the experience.

  • You will find out that opposites attract

Yes, there is an age gap between the two of you, but this means a great opportunity to learn new things. And you will have plenty to learn from a mature man. Regardless if things will evolve or not into a relationship, just simply being in his company can be a great learning experience.

  • Having a chivalrous date is something incredible

Older men know how to behave regardless of situation, so don’t be surprised when will open doors for you and even pull the chair so you can sit first. These are only two of the things you may experience with an older man as a date, which will definitely blow your mind and leave you speechless. Most women crave for such gestures and it feels so good to actually be able to experience them as well.

  • He will make you feel young and gorgeous

This is something hard to explain, but being in the company of a mature man will actually make you feel much younger and more beautiful. Perhaps it is because of how he treats you, speaks to you, or looks as you. Older men do know how to make a woman feel special.

2017’s Valentine’s Day is Coming – Don’t Be Single, Try young women older men dating

younger olderIf you perform some research, you will notice that younger women seeking older men is a growing trend. Needless to say, older men have never stopped dreaming about younger women.  One of the things that have contributed to this increased interest between these two categories of people is the rise of online dating sites. Namely, there are dozens of so-called younger women looking for older men dating sites where both older men and young ladies can find their perfect match.

Valentine’s Day can easily be one of the most beautiful and exciting days of the year, but this is only true if you have a partner or at least a date. There is no reason why you should spend this holiday alone when there are so many potential candidates to be your dates out there. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stick to this date if you want to find a date. You can start your research right away.

Every person, be it a young woman or an older man, likes to try something new from time to time. When you are single, you have one more thing to try compared to people who already have partners – you can date someone new.

This Valentine’s Day don’t let your prejudice or negative thoughts keep you away from your potential partner. If you want to try something new that can change your life in a positive way forever, then you should try young women older men dating. Many people may say that this is not something new and that such dating and relationships have existed for a long time, but the fact is that the 21st century is perfect for this type of dating because people no longer consider this to be some sort of taboo. As a matter of fact, you probably know at least a few couples where this age gap is not a problem. So, what keeps you away from starting a dating adventure like this? Maybe you don’t know where to start your quest?

As previously mentioned, modern young women and older men have many different solutions for dating. According to many experts, using a young women older men dating site is definitely the simplest solution. These websites make finding a partner easier than ever. Websites like this have thousands of users and there are almost an equal number of young women and older men that are using these websites. This means that you should not find it difficult to identify the right date. Use these websites wisely and try to find a potential partner that matches your criteria. Check the suggestions provided by the website, analyze their profiles and get involved in conversations. If you start now you should be able to arrange a date for 2017’s Valentine’s Day. However, even you don’t manage to do this, don’t feel depressed because these websites and this type of communication will eventually find your soul mate.

Top tips for young women to communicate with older men

younger women dating older menDating older men, just like dating young men, comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. However, by learning more about certain aspects of dating older men, you can ensure the establishment of a strong foundation for a serious relationship. One of the aspects that every young woman that wants to date an older man should take into account is communication. This is the reason why we have decided to create a list of top tips for young women to communicate with older men.

Make sure that your conversations are well-balanced<p>There are many young women that can keep talking for hours. Obviously, a situation like this can become overwhelming for your older potential partner. While it is true that talking more than usual is not something wrong, you must understand that your listening skills are important too. Don’t forget that you are dating a person who is eager to talk about himself too and this is especially true when it comes to older men.

Ask questions and ask them about their opinion

The fact is that older men have more experience and they have found themselves in different situations. So, you should feel free to ask them about things that men with less experience may find a little bit scary. If they have a successful career, you can ask them about their beginnings and what helped them become successful. Since younger women have not made many important decisions in their lives, it would also be nice to ask your date about their opinion on these important matters. This is a chance to get free useful advice and make them feel that you care about their opinion and value their experience and knowledge.

Read more about the current affairs

The number of older men looking for “younger women for older men” on popular search engines is increasing. However, the number of relationships is still relatively low because both sides enter the dating process unprepared. One of the things that you can do to boost your chances with older men is to read more about the current affairs. The vast majority of older men are well-informed, so you can use this opportunity to discuss sports, business, culture or politics with them. Don’t forget that this practice will help you learn more about their character and the things they like. Finally, you can use this type of communication to fill the awkward silence which is not unusual during first dates.

Don’t talk too much about the past

Every young woman should remember that her past if much different than the past of her older date. When you talk about past events especially about past trends you will actually highlight the age gap between you and him. This is definitely something that no one wants to talk about. As we already mentioned, you should talk about current events or even about the things that future may bring.

Hopefully, these tips will ease and improve your communication with older men.

Things to know about dating an older guy or a girl

Dating someone who is older than you is a very common thing, especially in the LGBT community. In fact, the LGBT community openly accepts partners with more age gaps than the regular ones.

younger women older men dating

younger women older men dating

However, many people still wonder as to how much age difference is too big or whether to date a lesbian older than you or not. Plus, like everything else, dating outside your age has its own benefits and pitfalls, so what are they?


The answer to this is YES. It is perfectly alright to date someone who is younger or older than you. The most important thing that matters is your love. Nothing else matters. Moreover, the LGBT community is more accepting of the couples that have an age gap that is bigger than average.

Age gap is a really insignificant thing for LGBT communities, when it has dealt with much larger problems of misconceptions, abuse, and stereotypes related to sexuality. Thus, it is not at all wrong to love a person outside your age.


One of the things that people usually wonder about is how much age gap is too large. In some interracial relationships, couples have a 10 year age gap and some even have a 25 year age gap.

There are a lot of black white couples who have big age gaps between them. But when it comes to age, people who are younger are more concerned with age as compared to their older counterparts.

People, who are in their 30s, do not consider age as an important factor in relationships. In short, age does not matter in relationships; however people who are in their 20s do not have the maturity to sustain a long-lasting relationship as compared to those who are in their 30s and above. This is the reality about age in lesbian dating and any other dating scenario.


There are some common drawbacks of dating a person older than you. One of these includes health concerns. In this, communication plays an important role. Another drawback is the differences in your background or culture.

Although in black white relationships, cultural differences can worsen the situation, it is best to talk about this with your partner. When you have already dealt with your sexuality, age gap is nothing irrespective of the views of her parents.

One of the other pitfalls of dating outside your age is to find common hobbies, particularly those that require a high energy level. In interracial relationships, where one partner is quite older than the other, there can be problem on unequal energy levels. Moreover, there can also be issues of free time.

So, if you are dating someone older or younger than yourself or a person from a different age group, then do not worry if it’s the right thing to do or not. In love, there is nothing right and wrong. Your love for your girlfriend is all that matters.

5 signs that the woman you’re dating is not really into you

Older men looking for younger women know that oftentimes the dating can be just as frustrating or confusing as finding a mate in the first place.  Young women dating older men may have their own agenda or may be stringing the man along because they don’t know how to break things off with someone who they respect as an older and wiser friend that they care about.

Whatever the true reason is, you should try to make yourself aware of the common telltale signs that younger women will give when they aren’t really interested in you romantically.

1. No Eye Contact

This might be the most difficult sign to measure if you’ve been dating the same woman for a few weeks, but you know that something is off.  There might be a drop off in eye contact, but you want to avoid pushing them away and making them feel awkward by constantly looking in their eyes.  Just take a mental note of where she’s looking when you’re trying to hold a conversation.

2. Lack of Engagement

This often accompanies the drop off of eye contact, when she’s not truly invested in the date or the conversation, you should start to notice how much you are carrying the torch and asking questions.  When she’s into you and is interested to what you have to say, she will naturally ask questions.  An early indicator of a lack of engagement will be the liberal use of “can you repeat that?” questions to show either they weren’t listening or reiterating things you just said to pretend they are engaged.

Don’t be too hard on younger women who genuine do try to follow your conversations and do need you to repeat things, however.

3. Mentioning Other Guys

It’s normal for younger women to talk about past boyfriends when you first meet them, but it starts becoming a point of concern when every date or phone call you wind up listening to them talk about past or present men they know, as they clearly aren’t happy enough with just being in your company or want to get closer to you.

4. Asks you to Buy Things Constantly

This is an easy one, but a sign that is often missed because your emotions can get the best of you.  When a younger woman has ulterior motives from the get-go, she may be putting on such an act that it may be difficult to see through the bubbly personality, the PDAs, and encouraging conversations.  Try to test the waters to see if your love is only conditional for her by asking her to go on dates that are simpler, humble, and built on having fun in each other’s company.  A strong resistance to these proposals means she needs money to have fun, preferably your money.

5. Increase in Social Media Updates

It should not be a sign that you use on its own as a reason to break it off with a younger woman, but there is a definite link to measurable increases in status updates, selfie posts, and flirty captions that give the impression that she is fishing for other men while being with you.

Practical rules to make older men younger women relationships work

We live in an age where almost nothing is unusual. In the past, many people were shocked when they heard stories about older men younger women relationships and they even thought that that was wrong. However, many successful stories about this type of relationship have encouraged many older men to date and establish relationships with younger women.

Older Men Younger Women RelationshipsOlder man younger woman relationship is actually similar to ordinary relationship, so it is not unusual for these couples to experience certain problems or have some dilemmas in the beginning or even when the relationship is fully developed. This is the reason why many couples like this ask themselves what they can do to make their relationships work. The following is a short list of practical rules that will help any older man younger woman relationship work.

Express your affection

This is one of the basic rules that will help any relationship. Young women need to feel loved. On the other hand, older men sometimes have problems expressing their affection. So, it is up to the man in this relationship to unleash his love and actively express his feelings whenever he can. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the woman should remain passive. Although you may have found each other later in your life, this doesn’t mean that it is too late to pick a specific movie, phrase or song that will be just yours. It also won’t hurt to do something out of the ordinary from time to time. This is the only way to stay romantic and romance is crucial for the success of this type of relationships. Snuggle, cuddle, hug, kiss and hold hands whenever you can. Finally, don’t be disappointed if these things are not expressed so frequently in your long relationship because this only means that the love you share has matured.

Build trust

It is sometimes very difficult for older men to trust younger women and vice versa. However, trust is another basic element of a successful relationship. Loyalty and respect are some of the things that both partners should learn. One simple way to build trust is to spend more time together. Of course, while you are together you must actually be present there with your mind too. In this way you will learn more about each other. Don’t forget that every person, especially older men, need to spend some time alone. They usually have some hobbies which make them relax and think about their life. You should respect that. In the end, another great way to build trust is to make important decisions together. Consult your partner for your next step no matter if it affects just you or both of you.


Although older men and younger women usually have different interests, this doesn’t mean that they should not talk frequently. According to many experts, partners, regardless of the age gap between them should communicate about everything and anything. So, don’t be afraid to share some basic things, ask questions support goals and celebrate achievements together.

Why is the “younger women older men relationship” phenomenon also popular among celebrities?

We’ve all seen it, women who hook up with older men to improve their lives financially or professionally. But what about Hollywood? Why is it that some of the hottest female celebrities are pairing up with older men when it’s obvious they don’t have to?

Take Catherine Zeta jones and Michael Douglas, for example. She is exactly—to the day—25 years younger than he is. While they have had their ups and downs, they have been happily married for the past 15 years. Other celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé also share an age difference. She being 12 years his junior. Then there is Donald Trump and his wife Melania Knauss, she is 24 years younger than the Donald. Other celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica Sklar, she is 17 years younger than him, yet they have been happily married for nearly 17 years.

All of this begs the question “why”? What is it about these relationships that makes them last and why is it that they occur in the first place?

Why Do They Occur?

Women like men who they can relate to, trust, and feel secure being around. Younger men simply don’t offer that appeal. They often don’t have their lives together, aren’t on a secure path towards success, and generally aren’t done playing the field until they are older. Of course, there is always exceptions to any rule.

Another important point is that it is more socially acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman. People find it natural, and therefore, those in the public eye aren’t as timid about partnering with someone who is older in years but still offers the security, fun, and liveliness that they crave. This is particularly evident in Hollywood where the rich and famous never truly stop living exciting lives.

What Makes these Relationships Last?

Obviously, love is the primary ingredient in any long-term relationship. If you don’t have that then you likely won’t have a relationship that lasts. Then there is the trendy factor. Attraction for older men seems to be something of a trend as of late. More young women are turning to older men for solace and stability amongst a turbulent relationship and dating scene. If they can partner with a man who loves them for who they are and who can take care of them for years to come, then why wouldn’t they pursue it? This seems to be the logic that many young women are taking nowadays, particularly in Hollywood circles.

How Does it Translate to The “Real World”?

The real question is does this trend translate to the real world? Is it really true that young women are finding their older male counterparts more attractive than ever, and if so, how does that impact your personal relationships?

The reality is that what Hollywood does sets the stage for the real world. These so-called ‘trends’ can influence the way that relationships play out in the real world. More women than ever are finding it acceptable to date and even marry older men, it is simply up to men to find these women and create lasting, satisfying relationships with them.

Why do younger women and older men tend to be attracted to each other?

Spotting a young woman with an older man is no longer a rare sight. In fact, a wide majority of young women find the concept exciting and are open to the idea of dating an older guy. The men, for their part, are happy to return the favor. So what makes older men so exotic for young women and vice-versa? Here are a few plausible explanations:

Old Men Have Charming Ways

Younger women who like older men will confirm that these men possess the right mix of charm and chivalry that can sweep a woman off her feet. From opening car doors, holding doors and insisting the woman enters first, talking with an irresistible mix of confidence and politeness – there is something about these old school ways that always strikes the right notes with a woman’s heart, no matter how young or modern she is.

They Can Offer Stability

A lot of young guys are still figuring out their own lives and may find themselves at the crossroads more often than not. Older men, on the other hand, are a lot more stable emotionally, socially and financially. Young women who want older men are often attracted to this element of stability. This well-rounded stability puts older men in a position to handle relationships well.

Know What Women Want

An older man worth his salt has had his share of hits and misses with women in the past. These first-hand experiences puts a man in a position to gauge a woman’s mind and offer her what she wants, which is why being with an older man is both sexually and emotionally satisfying for a lot of women.

Young women who want older men

The Other Side of the Coin

That younger women find older men irresistible is just one side of the coin. On the flip side, older men too find themselves equally drawn to women much younger to them. And their reason may be totally different:

  • Novelty: Younger women are like a whiff of fresh air and bring in a lot of novelty into life. Being with younger women can be a man’s way of staying forever young.
  • Fresh Starts: An older man looking for a new relationship is likely to have had his share of bad experiences and is seeking a fresh start. Ending up a woman from a different age group offers just that because there is no scope for any parallels being drawn.
  • Hopes of Raising a Family: If a man is looking to have a family, being with a younger woman makes perfect sense. There is no biological clock ticking here, so the two can take all the time in the world to get to know each other, settle down and eventually, have kids and start a family.

Young women and older men being drawn to each other is classic case of ‘opposites attract’. They may have nothing in common but the chemistry is just right.