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What Can We Learn from Catherine Zeta-Jones about Younger Women Dating Older Men?

When talking about younger women looking for older men, one prominent name comes to mind: the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones. Once one of the top Hollywood stars with blockbuster movies like “Entrapment” and “America’s Sweethearts”, she is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She broke a lot of young men’s hearts when she married the much older Michael Douglas at the height of her career.

The story of Catherine Zeta-Jones reads like a fairy tale. Born in Wales (UK) in 1969, she had aspirations to become an actress from an early age. Her big break came in 1991 with the British television series “The Darling Buds of May”, which made her a household name in the UK. After acting in a few British and Hollywood movies, she caught the eyes of Steven Spielberg, who recommended her for the role of the leading lady in “The Mask of Zorro” opposite Antonio Banderas. She has never had to look back since then.

With her killer looks and global stardom, she could have got any man she wanted. But she chose Michael Douglas, a man 25 years her senior. When the couple first met in August 1998, she was 29 with a skyrocketing movie career and he was 54 with his best days behind him. The attraction was instant and mutual. They initially dated secretly because Douglas was still married. In less than two years, they were married and remain happily married to this day.

Why did Catherine Zeta-Jones, who had the world at her feet, choose to date the much older Michael Douglas and what can we learn from her? She was certainly no gold digger. If she was, then their marriage wouldn’t have lasted so long. Not in the fickle and glittering world of Hollywood anyway. To be married for 18 years in Hollywood, and that with such a huge age difference, is no mean feat.

The first thing we can learn from her is that age difference is no barrier to true and lasting love. To quote the beautiful actress herself, “I do think I’m lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas, the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen.” Of course, they have their share of bad days. He has battled with throat cancer and she is suffering from bipolar disorder. But their love for each other has held them together.

Another thing younger women seeking older men can learn is that there is no shame in dating older men. Here’s another quote from the gorgeous lady: “Yes, I was in love with my husband at first sight and still am. We have the most solid relationship.” She was never afraid to admit her relationship with him. She was never afraid of being ridiculed. If you truly love a man or think that you can love him, then it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

So if you are a young woman interested in dating an older man, then don’t let your inhibitions hold you back. He may be many years older than you and he may be way past his prime, but he may be the one true love of your life, just like Michael Douglas is to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Safe ways of first date for younger women dating older men

It is not unusual for younger women to be interested in older men. In fact, there are numerous examples throughout our history when younger women had happy and long romantic relationships with older men. When it comes to love, age is just a number, so you don’t have to worry about that. Fortunately, many people have realized this and this is one of the reasons why the number of younger women seeking older men is increasing. Obviously, the number of success stories is increasing too. But, before you start a story like this, you will need to go on a first date. In case you are planning something like this, you should know that there are some safety tips that every young woman should know.

Keep your family and friends informed

There are many women looking for older men out there, yet many of them are trying to keep their activity as a secret. This is wrong. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you should definitely inform your family and friends when you finally arrange a first date. You don’t have to tell everyone that you are going on a date, but you should inform at least one family member and one friend about the place where you are going when you are planning to come back and how can they reach you if they need you. In case there are some changes during the date, inform them in a timely manner (text messages are very helpful in situations like this).

Stay in public

The first date doesn’t have to be extremely romantic and even if it is, this doesn’t mean that you should spend your time in an isolated place where no one is around. So, the main point is that you should meet in public, in areas where people can see you and even remember you. It’s easy for people to remember a couple that’s on their first date.

Go on a double date

Their friend and your friend don’t have to be interested in each other, they will be here only to make you feel more comfortable. If your friend is close to you all the time, there are fewer chances that something will go wrong. For instance, they can’t make you drink more alcohol than you usually drink or trick you to go home with them if you don’t want to.

Don’t reveal all your personal information

If you want to stay safe, you should not tell your older gentleman everything about yourself. This is your first date and they don’t need to find out everything about you. On top of that, the majority of older men like younger women that are a little bit mysterious.

Use your own car or public transportation

Since you don’t want to tell them exactly where you live, it is better to use your car when you go on your first date or use the subway or bus or any other form of public transportation.

3 types of older men young women should avoid when dating

It doesn’t really matter whether you are interested in serious dating or you just want to spice up your social life, finding the right older man for dating will determine your success. It turns out that this is very important for young women who are aware of the fact that most of the older men are hitting on them. Younger women dating older men must analyze the most common types of older men that must be avoided while dating. The good news is that the process of identification is not very difficult because every type has certain characteristics that can be recognized in a matter of minutes. The following is  a list of three types of older men every young woman should avoid when dating.

  1. An older gentleman who is still focused on his ex-wife/girlfriend

There is no doubt that younger women should stay away from older men who are not over their ex-wives or girlfriends. In case your date makes a comment in which he directly or indirectly suggests that you are worse than his ex or not as good as her, then you should terminate the dating immediately. Remember that you are a young woman and you don’t have to listen to these things or try to become someone else just because your partner wants you to be like that. A man who is still thinking about his ex will make you feel miserable and you will end up wasting your time. Remember that there are older men who are genuinely interested in you. They really like you and want to be with you.

  1. An older guy who doesn’t take No for an answer

Being persistent and dedicated to achieving certain goals is sometimes an admirable trait. However, there is one specific type of older men who want to date younger women that should be avoided at all cost. Obviously, we are talking about the ones that simply cannot take No for an answer. They are used to getting everything they want in their lives and this means that they can get very frustrated when someone is refusing their offer. In most cases, they are just looking for a way to use you in a physical way and make you their trophy. Do you really want to spend your life as a person who is not entitled to her own opinion? Stay away from men like this.

  1. Just finished their relationship

Young women should stay away from men who have recently divorced their wives or ended their relationship. Older men like this are usually looking for some kind of support and they are not prepared for dating. Keep in mind that most of them will tell you that they are strongly interested in starting a relationship, but you can never be sure. It is a good idea to stay friends, but give them some room to analyze their own feelings and understand what exactly they are looking for.

Why is it that older men with a good sense of humor are more popular among young women?

It turns out that there are few things that make young women seeking older men more interested in certain men. One of these things is their good sense of humor. We all love to smile and giggle and this is especially true when we are in love. But, a good sense of humor younger women dating older menmeans that your partner will make you smile all the time. So, what are some of the reasons why young women seeking older men find funny older men more attractive?

To start with, younger women know that dating a funny older guy will never become boring. A spontaneous man that can bring the right jokes at the right time will make their life more interesting. Every dating, every interaction is much more exciting and interesting when an older man with a good sense of humor is next to you.

Another reason why young women love funny older men is their creativity. If you are able to make new and funny jokes all the time then this means that you are creative and who doesn’t want to date a creative man? It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to make jokes in different situations and this why many young women find older men like this attractive.

Younger women prefer funny older men because they can easily become the center of attention at parties and social gatherings. Having a parent who is respected and favored by your friends is definitely a good thing. A person with a good sense of humor can also ease the tension and awkwardness on social gatherings. A guy with a genuine sense of humor feels comfortable even in places where most of the people are strangers.

Older men with good humor are excellent observers. They can make jokes because they notice things around them which also mean that they care about the things that are going on. Of course, when they are not making jokes they will give you some valuable advice.

One of the reasons why younger women are looking for older men is the feeling of safety they get from older men. It turns out that if that older man has a sense of humor, this feeling is even more highlighted. A funny guy will make your life easier because they always find humorous and funny aspects of everything that is going on in our lives. He will also be prepared to make jokes about himself just to make you happy.

When younger women date older men, they usually have difficulties to introduce their partner to their friends. Well, this won’t be a problem for them in case their older partner is funny. Everyone likes to laugh and have good time listening to some great jokes and this is exactly what their older partner with good sense of humor can provide.

These are only some of the things that make funny older men more interesting and attractive to younger women.

The best first date idea for younger women dating older men

Getting a chance to approach an older man that you like is certainly something that you must use to the maximum. But, how exactly can you do this? If you have arranged a meeting, it is time to make a good plan and make your first date more memorable for both of you. Younger women dating older men have many options available, but if they make the first date interesting they can rest assured thatyounger women dating older men they will have a great chance to meet their date again.

In case you don’t have an idea about what you should do and where you should go, keep reading because we will present a few effective ideas that have helped many young women leave good first impression on their first date with older gentlemen.

Choose a venue where he would feel comfortable

Truth to be told, dating older men is a little bit different than dating your peers. You must take some things into consideration and be careful and this is especially true when it comes to the first date. Take some time and carefully chose the venue. When choosing the venue, think about his hobbies, interests, specific cuisines that he might like and the overall atmosphere. Analyze these things and find the right solution. The venue you suggest will also tell them a lot about your character and your preferences so don’t forget this.

Take care of your outfit and show your self-confidence

These two things are usually one of the first things that older men dating younger women notice. Even though the way you dress should not be the most important factor when they are “evaluating” you as a potential partner, wearing clothes that are too extreme may scare them. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you should dress clothes that are out of fashion for a long time, but try to make some kind of compromise between different styles (used today and a decade or two ago). The good news is that retro clothing is always in. In addition, while it is true that older gentlemen like the inexperience of their younger partners, they also like women who are confident regardless of their age. Use the first date to show them that you are confident; don’t let them choose everything on their own.

Don’t forget to give them compliments

Usually, it is the other way round – everyone expects that the man should give compliments to the women. But, who says that you can’t give compliments to the older man you are dating? Every individual regardless of their age or gender likes compliments. Tell them that you like their humor, that you love their hair or their clothing.

Be romantic

In the end, don’t forget to be yourself. Be spontaneous and do the things that you usually do and don’t forget to bring in romance when it is possible. Make it appear natural.

We hope that these tips will help you experience the best first date you ever had.

5 Tips for younger women dating a successful man over 50

Younger women seeking successful older men do need to understand which are the best dating tips in such a situation because the experience can really pay off for them, provided that they know what to do. And that’s why these dating tips were created in the first place, to help you with dating and deliver the outcome that you want from such an experience!

See where they hang out

Usually successful older men that have a lot of money have a specific hangout place. All you have to do is to find it and the results can be amazing to say the least. However, it’s important to ensure that you focus on exploring places like high class restaurants, gym areas, country clubs and select parties. Usually, only select places can house the type of successful older men you want to access, so keep that in mind at all times.

Work on visualsyounger women dating successful older men

The idea is that you should dress really nice and expensive if you want to attract the attention of successful older men, they will just see you as a girl that’s after their money if you want to enter in a discussion without sporting some high class stuff. It might be challenging and expensive at first, but it does pay off in the long run.

Decide on the approach you have

The idea is, as we said earlier, to have a specific and appealing appearance. You have to show them that you are actually rich on your own and that’s why using white does help. This shows richness, and while you are there, sport an expensive phone or expensive accessories as well. They can definitely be a very good idea to begin with, so you should totally keep that in mind. Dating successful older men might not be that easy, but these ideas can surely help you quite a lot!

Learn how to talk

Try to be sophisticated so enrich your vocabulary. The successful older men do want a more appealing and sophisticated language, so you should focus on such a thing. It might not sound like much at first but the results will definitely pay off in the long run. So just try to have a denser, interesting vocabulary and also speak when you should, don’t overspeak.

Expensive places

If you need to choose a date place for the first time, then you should opt for an expensive place, as you can expect. This will capture the attention of all the older men and you should totally focus on that. Of course, it’s all about quality so when you are there, don’t play hard to conquer. Instead, try to be yourself as that’s what will really place you in a shining light.

In the end, as you can see, dating successful older men can be a challenge but with the proper tips the job can be simpler. It’s all about the focus on details and the results can pay off quite a lot. Remember to date only those persons that matter and focus on the successful older men if you like this category. Keep these tips in mind and the results will definitely be as you expect!

Should young women date divorced older guys?

younger women dating older guysWhen you are young everything seems so easy and accessible and getting into a relationship is not different. Younger women have the chance to choose their partner from a wide range of single guys. That’s why many people ask themselves why some young women date older guys. On top of that, some of them are dating divorced older guys. In case you have stumbled upon this article looking for an answer to this question or to get an approval, you have come to the right place because we will give you some reasons why should young women date divorced older guys. However, before we share the details we should mention that divorced older guys should not be generalized because not all of them are same. When we say divorced older guys we mean quality older guys not any divorced guys.

He is fine with putting others first

Younger women dating older guys who have been married are impressed by their ability to put others first. This is especially true if he has children. For some young women this fact may seem like a downside, but the truth is that people with children are more responsible and know how to take care of other people. Given that most young women are looking for attention and care, this is something that makes divorced older guys ideal.

He has a plan

Although he has been married before, this doesn’t mean that he is chaotic. Of course, you will have to date for a while to figure out whether he is a guy like that or not. However, the vast majority of divorced older guys have realized their mistakes from the previous marriage and they have a good plan for the future. They already have a career, they are secure and stable. As a young woman you are probably struggling to create some kind of routine and your partner will definitely help you. They will also accept some of your spontaneity too.

He will give you more me-time

If your prospective partner has kids and has a job, it is very likely that they will need time to take care of these things which means that you will have more me-time. One of the things that ruin new relationships is the complete dedication to your partner from day one. This is what usually happens in relationships between two young people. However, in a relationship where the woman is young and the man is older, they can both maintain a healthy relationship because they will have other duties except taking care of their partner’s needs.

He is more down-to-earth

Obviously, older men have dreams and fantasies, but they are way more realistic than young men. This is especially true when it comes to the relationship itself. He knows what he can provide for you and you will know what you can expect. They don’t have time for small love games and tests. They are serious and honest and they will tell you everything they think without sugar-coating the facts.

What mistakes younger women make when dating a rich older man?

dating rich older menEven though dating a rich older man was once considered to be strange and even inappropriate, this perception was changed in the last two decades. More and more young women are discovering the advantages of dating rich older men. However, when they decide to become part of such relationship, there are certain mistakes that they can do. Before we share the details, let’s emphasize the fact that these men want their girlfriends regardless of their age to be free and to be themselves and they acknowledge the fact that you might be a little bit inexperienced, but they don’t mind that. in case you are interested in dating a rich old man you should avoid these costly mistakes.

Don’t hide them from the world

As we have already mentioned, relationships with huge age gaps were once considered odd, but this is the 21st century and nothing is odd. People no longer have prejudices about something that they don’t understand. So, when you are with your partner, don’t try to hide them or feel embarrassed of them. If you truly like them, you should be proud of your partner and never worry about what other people might say.

Don’t act like you are older or younger

Just be yourself! The older gentleman that you are dating has experienced many things. They have already tried dating with older women, but things didn’t work out. This is the reason why they are looking for younger and livelier women. In case you act like you are older you will disappoint them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should act childish too. Do things that are appropriate to your age, show your energy and enthusiasm and everything will be fine.

Don’t insist to pay

While it is always a good idea to open your wallet when the bill comes and ask to pay, don’t insist on paying the bills. There is nothing wrong about leaving your older partner to buy you a drink or pay the bill in the restaurant. They are rich and they’ll be glad to pay the bill. This doesn’t mean that someone owns you or something like that. Be sure to pay the bill from time to time though.

Don’t try to change them

It would be unusual if you are following the same lifestyle because people of different ages like different things even though they can have many things in common. So, if you don’t like something about your rich old partner, don’t insist on changing those things. You can discuss about those things, but you should not expect that they should change because of you.

Don’t discuss age-related issues

Although many older men don’t have problems talking about aging, it would be the best idea to avoid talks like this. No one wants to talk about their age and we can’t expect to learn anything new from this. If they feel that they should tell you something related to this natural process they will tell you.

These are some of the common mistakes that young women dating rich older men make. If you are one of them, avoiding these mistakes usually results in healthy and long relationship.

Younger single moms dating with older single man tips

Looking for the perfect partner is even made funnier, simpler and more exciting for younger single moms out there. Now, seeking arrangement Singapore is made possible by sugar daddy dating even at the comfort of your home! Sugar daddy dating sites have given wide range of opportunity to look for the ideal match that you are looking for. But because you are only searching for the ideal partner at the comfort of your own abode, the proper knowledge on how to successfully find the right arrangement in Singapore must lessen your worries when making decisions.

Identified below are some of the important sugar daddy dating tips that you can follow to make your searches easier, safer and more successful:

1.Safety matters
When you are sharing personal information online, make sure not to give all your private information. Get to know your date first before you go out with them or invite them to your home. Yes, online dating site is great for meeting diverse people, but sometimes there are some crazy people that come out with sugar daddy dating site. Moreover, the personal information that you have in your profile can be used by other people for their illegal works such as spamming and others. So make sure to add extra care.

2.Make An Accurate Profile
Picture can be very decisive but sometimes is one of the main considerations that many sugar daddies look into when they are seeking for their sugar baby. As much as possible, use your current picture or as much as possible do not Photoshop your picture. Dating is indeed hard as it is, so don’t fool or trick your date into thinking you have a face like Brad Pitt or a figure like Angelina Jolie. Sugar daddies normally would like to date attractive women/sugar babies, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use a Photoshop just to make yourself attractive in your profile. Also do not use provocative photos if you want your date to take you seriously.

3.Make a good Introduction
Introduction is charm. So make sure to make a nice introduction when chatting with your prospective dates. It should be polite and must show confidence. It can break the ice nicely, and it can take you to the next step of good online interaction.

4.Be persistent
Finding the right sugar daddy do takes time. So don’t be easily frustrated in searching if your quest doesn’t lead you to the right guy. Do not give up just because he is not the man that you wanted for yourself. Remember that in sugar daddy dating, you can date multiple men at once. So keep your options unlock as you continue looking. If you would be more patient, persistent and confident, then your sugar daddy will eventually knock on your door and find his way to your life.

When you are on dating websites for single moms, you should never forget that life is unpredictable and you have a kid to prioritize before anything else. Make sure you manage well your time between your sugar daddy and baby.

The benefits of dating an older man

Age gap relationships have become a trend, not because it looks cool to hang out with someone who is younger or older to you but due to the fact that it has a lot of benefits. Younger women are looking forward to connecting with older men and the inception of specialist age gap dating sites seems to only make the process of finding the match easier. In case you haven’t made up your mind on whether or not you should be exploring this segment of online dating, we have highlighted a few advantages that should certainly convince you:

·Older men aren’t dependent on anyone for money: By the time a person approaches the age of 45 or 50, he would have surely made multiple channels of earning money. This ensures he isn’t depending on anyone for money and doesn’t seek any financial assistance. Majority of older men have a house and enough money in the bank account to keep their family happy. Above all, he wouldn’t be desperate to get a kick start in career or be looking for a better job opportunity that would pay him better.

·He is sorted out and knows what his priorities are: Older millionaire men know exactly what they’re looking for in a potential companion. This makes it easier for them to find someone interesting and they’re likelier to stick to their partner for longer. In addition to this, he wouldn’t use the ‘trial and error’ technique to know what he really likes and dislikes.

·He isn’t likely to ditch you: A younger man might leave you in favor of someone better. However, an older woman wouldn’t ditch you, having had failed relationship earlier in life. It can be said that older men are great at making decisions and he would have certainly seen some quality in you that made him choose you. In other words, you’re a fine example of his decision making skills.

·He would give you space to grow and achieve something big: Older men don’t like to keep their women tied to the convention. If you wish to try something different from the norm, he would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. In case he isn’t aware of something, he would certainly guide you to the right person who’d help you out. Moreover, you’d never be under the pressure of making money to support your family.

The advantages of dating older men or dating a sugar daddy certainly hide their disadvantages and this is exactly why age gap relationships last longer. It is to be noted that a lot of celebrities have also explored this segment.