How to plan a romantic date for older men dating younger women

They say forty is the new twenty, but these days it’s more like fifty for older men looking for younger women.  Younger women seek out older men who are more mature and more stable with their lives.  It can be intimidating, at first, when seeking out younger women, as they are so beautiful and seemingly out of your league.  This is not true; all you need is a plan and a cool head.  Don’t let your nerves take over and ruin a date, listen to these dating tips to sweep younger women off their feet.

Be Yourself

This is the number one reason why all relationships fizzle out before they even get started.  You meet someone, they like your personality, your style, and when you go on your first date, everything changes.  Younger women want to date an older man because they are confident in their own skin.  Don’t try to pander to trends or styles that are associated with younger guys.

Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your own date late or spending too much time trying to figure out what you want to do on your date.  Older Men dating younger women already have enough pressure as it is, romantic dates don’t need to be at a fancy restaurant, younger women find simple dates cute and endearing, but having it all planned out in advanced shows her that you really care enough to take time out of your day to show your affection.

Be Dapper

Whatever you do, don’t try to impress your younger date by attempting to dress younger.  Older men’s swagger is a highly attractive style these days.  Business-casual is the sort of classy, yet practical look that you should go for, but make sure you’re comfortable.  Avoid overdressing and sweating through your shirts.  You don’t want to ruin your big moment at the end of the night when you go to lean in for the kiss!

Be Thoughtful

Romantic dates, no matter how extravagant or how nice they are, there needs to be plenty of conversation.  This can be tough for older men looking for younger women who are a decade or two younger than him.  To get over this obstacle, brainstorm a couple of conversation topics that you can throw out there whenever you feel like there is a moment of awkward silence coming on.

Be Spontaneous

Planning your romantic getaway with your date to ensure its special and filled with only the best food and fun is ideal, however, you should also avoid calculating your ever move while on your date.  Don’t overthink everything and try to let things come to you natural.  Girls don’t like it when a guy tries to be perfect and acts like they are right about everything.  Take risks, you will be rewarded.

Have Fun!

Romantic dates don’t have to be all serious and all flirting.  Get out there and tell some jokes, have a dance, and try to avoid as much political talk as possible.  Younger women these days aren’t as adverse to serious conversations, but older Men dating younger women should try not to harp on the negative sides of life and remind her that you are there to help her forget about the stress, even just for a moment.

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