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5 killer ways for older men to surprise their young girlfriend

older men dating younger womenIt seems that it is much easier for older men dating younger women to surprise their partner. They are not very experienced and there are more things that can make them surprised and happy. However, not everything that crosses an older man’s mind is equally interesting and attractive. In case you are looking for a way to surprise your young girlfriend then it is a good idea to follow some of our tips. Before we share the details, it is also good to know that preparing such surprises every once in a while will make your relationship stronger and more exciting for both partners.

Feel free to share the love

We all know that older men don’t express their love frequently, but this doesn’t mean that they should avoid showing their love and appreciation from time to time. So, don’t wait for some special event or date to share the love you have – use your next night on the town to express your feelings. Make her feel special and loved. Young women love this especially today when it seems that many people are getting alienated.

Give her special gifts

When we say give her special gifts, we don’t mean buying expensive things (although this is an option too). The main point is to find something that will make your partner feel happy and appreciate the time you’ve spent finding a suitable gift. Make sure that the gift symbolizes something. It is also good to find something closely related to her personality. In order to do be sure that you are on the right track, check the items she already owns to see what she really likes. Once again, this gift doesn’t have to be expensive even though buying something expensive is fine too.

Use sticky notes

Now here’s something that will bring older men back in the old days. Leaving sticky notes is not used for business purposes only and they are certainly not useless in this digital age that we live in. You can use these sticky notes when you are leaving the home or at her workplace. Use them whenever you are not around just to remind her that you are thinking about her and to show your love.

Prepare a dinner

Older men dating younger women have another advantage – they are experienced chefs. Well, you don’t really have to prepare some spectacular meal seen on food channels. What is important is to spend some time in the kitchen, prepare a tasty meal and surprise your young girlfriend with a homemade dinner. Don’t forget to make the place look more romantic.

Throw a surprise party

If you really want to surprise your young girlfriend you should throw a surprise party on her birthday. She is still young and loves birthdays, so use this opportunity and unleash the creativity you have. Call her friends and your friends and organize a surprise party in a restaurant or in your home.