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The Perks of Dating an Older Man

Are you one of those young women who are attracted to older men? There is no need to be shy about it. Couples with a big age gap are common these days. The popularity of young women older men dating sites is proof of that. When people see a young woman with an older man, they often wonder what it is that she sees in him. They fail to see that women who date older men have a lot of things going for them. So, if you are still unsure, here are some perks of dating an older mandating an older man.

  • He can give you all the time you want

Time is a commodity that an older man has plenty of and he will not be too miserly to give it to you. Having arrived at an age when he can afford the life he wants to without having to work 24/7, he will be more than willing to give you all the time you want. You won’t even have to persuade him. They will love to be around you all the time – talking to you, listening to you, making you laugh and laughing at your jokes, walking with you, going shopping with you, cooking for you, and making love to you.

  • He can get things done

An older man knows how to get thing done. The ups and downs of life have taught him how to tackle any problem. He will handle it so easily that you won’t even know that there was a problem. He has the material and financial resources to get you out of sticky financial situations. He knows many people and has lots of right connections. Quite often, all it will take is for him to make a phone call to one of his friends, colleagues or business associates to get things done.

  • He will make love to you and not just have sex

Older men are no amateurs when it comes to sex. They have seen it all and done it all. If your man is attractive, he may have had more than his fair share. He will not be in a hurry to have sex and get it done with as soon as he can. He will take his time to make love to you. He will spend a lot of time kissing you, cuddling you, looking into your eyes, and whispering sweet nonsense into your ears. Sex with him will be intimate and more awesome than you have imagined.

  • He will buy you expensive gifts

While this is one reason you should not date a man if you are looking for the love of your life, exchanging gifts is good for your relationship. For a man, showering a woman with expensive gifts is a way of showing her how much he loves her. Older men are more generous when it comes to giving gifts. Whether he is rich or not, he will always give you the best gift his money can buy. The best thing is that he won’t expect anything in return except your love, faithfulness and plenty of sex.

The purpose of life is to be happy. An older man can make you a lot happier than a man of your age. It’s not hard to find them. All you need to do is join a good young women older men dating site and the offers will come flooding in. But you must have an interesting and exciting profile.

Does society accept an older man dating a much younger woman?

One of the main reasons a lot of older men baulk at the idea of dating a younger woman is because of the society. They are afraid that the society will not accept their relationship. But is their fear justified? Are we still in an age when older men younger women relationships were frowned upon?  Or, more correctly, was there any time in history when it was not acceptable for an older man to be in a relationship with a younger woman?older men dating younger women

To find the answer, let’s go to back 2,000 years to the times of the Roman Empire. History tells us that Julius Caesar gave his young daughter Julia in marriage to his friend Pompey. When they married, Julia was barely 17 while Pompey was 47. It is said that the couple was deeply in love and remained so until Julia died during child birth. There is no record of the Roman society of the time objecting to their marriage.

Later, Caesar himself fell in love with the much younger Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and was openly in a relationship with her until he was assassinated. His assassination had nothing to do with his relationship with Cleopatra. They even had a son. Caesar 31 years older than Cleopatra. While there was much objection to their relationship, it was because of political reasons and not because of their age difference.

Throughout the Medieval Age, it was an accepted practice among the royalty as well as common people to marry off their daughters to much older men. Such a union ensured that the young women were well taken care of and that they got to live in relative comfort. While the union did not always have a happy ending, any failure was attributed to other things rather than the difference in their age.

Now to return back to modern times, older men younger women relationships are more common than you may think. These days, wherever you go, it’s not uncommon to see couples with a noticeable age gap and the best thing is that you won’t find anyone frowning at them. The fact the most people do not even bat an eyelash when they see an older man with a much younger woman proves that the modern society doesn’t object to such relationships.

If you still have doubts, then you can look at celebrity couples for inspiration. Currently, the most famous couple that comes to mind are the movie star George Clooney and his beautiful lawyer wife Amal Clooney. There is a 17 years’ age gap between them. Here are a few other examples. Film actress Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is dating film director Darren Aronofsky, who is 22 years older than her. Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, 74, is dating film producer Noor Alfallah, who is 52 years younger than him.

Now the reason Julius Caesar was mentioned earlier in this article is that this world belongs to the bold and ambitious. The go-getter always gets the girl, regardless of the age gap between him and the girl. He is not afraid of the society’s opinion. But if you sit there worrying about what other people will say, then you will never get your woman. Stop living in your fantasy world. Go out there and get your younger woman.

Famous Couples with Wide Age Gaps

When it comes to famous couples with wide age differences, the ones that make regular headlines are just the tip of the iceberg. There are actually way more celebrity couples that are in older men younger women relationships than you might think there are. Here are some of the most famous ones.

  • Donald and Melania Trump

Currently, the title of the most famous couple with a huge age difference goes to Donald and Melania Trump. As everyone knows, the 45th president of the United States is 25 years older than his beautiful first lady. When they got married in 2005, he was 58 and she was 34.

  • George and Amal Clooney

Probably the most famous Hollywood couple today, George and Amal Clooney were born not just in different continents, but also 16 years apart. When they got married in 2014 after dating for less than a year, he was 52 and she was 36. Despite their hectic schedules, their marriage has been going strong for the last three years and they are currently expecting twins.

  • Beyonce and Jay Z

Music diva Beyonce, recently voted the most beautiful woman in the world in a poll run by the website Buzznet, is 12 years younger than her equally famous husband Jay Z, who is a famous rapper and successful businessman in his own right. When they got married in 2008, she was 26 and he was 38.

  • Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey, the star of hit romantic comedies like “The Wedding Planner” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and critically acclaimed films like “Interstellar” and “Dallas Buyers Club”, is 13 years older than Camila Alves, the beautiful Brazilian model and actress he married in 2012. He is 47 and she is 34.

  • Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Action star Jason Statham doesn’t just know how to kick ass, it seems he also has a way with beautiful women. He is a 20 years older than the beautiful model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whitley, of “Transformers 3” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” fame, who he has been dating since 2010.  He is 49 and she is 29.

  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds, the handsome Canadian actor who has acted in a series of hit films like “The Proposal”, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Deadpool”, for which he won a Golden Globe Award nomination, is 11 years older than his television actress wife Blake Lively, who he married in 2012. He is 40 and she is 29.

  • Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Seventy-four years old Harrison Ford met and fell in love with Calista Flockhart when he was 60. She was a successful television actress of 38 at the time. They were married in 2010 and have been happily together ever since.

Clearly, these celebrities did not give a damn about their age difference when love came knocking on their door. You can also find your own soul mate if you are willing to look beyond age and the best place to look for one is an age difference dating site where you can find lots of older men looking for young women and vice versa.

5 signs that the woman you’re dating is not really into you

Older men looking for younger women know that oftentimes the dating can be just as frustrating or confusing as finding a mate in the first place.  Young women dating older men may have their own agenda or may be stringing the man along because they don’t know how to break things off with someone who they respect as an older and wiser friend that they care about.

Whatever the true reason is, you should try to make yourself aware of the common telltale signs that younger women will give when they aren’t really interested in you romantically.

1. No Eye Contact

This might be the most difficult sign to measure if you’ve been dating the same woman for a few weeks, but you know that something is off.  There might be a drop off in eye contact, but you want to avoid pushing them away and making them feel awkward by constantly looking in their eyes.  Just take a mental note of where she’s looking when you’re trying to hold a conversation.

2. Lack of Engagement

This often accompanies the drop off of eye contact, when she’s not truly invested in the date or the conversation, you should start to notice how much you are carrying the torch and asking questions.  When she’s into you and is interested to what you have to say, she will naturally ask questions.  An early indicator of a lack of engagement will be the liberal use of “can you repeat that?” questions to show either they weren’t listening or reiterating things you just said to pretend they are engaged.

Don’t be too hard on younger women who genuine do try to follow your conversations and do need you to repeat things, however.

3. Mentioning Other Guys

It’s normal for younger women to talk about past boyfriends when you first meet them, but it starts becoming a point of concern when every date or phone call you wind up listening to them talk about past or present men they know, as they clearly aren’t happy enough with just being in your company or want to get closer to you.

4. Asks you to Buy Things Constantly

This is an easy one, but a sign that is often missed because your emotions can get the best of you.  When a younger woman has ulterior motives from the get-go, she may be putting on such an act that it may be difficult to see through the bubbly personality, the PDAs, and encouraging conversations.  Try to test the waters to see if your love is only conditional for her by asking her to go on dates that are simpler, humble, and built on having fun in each other’s company.  A strong resistance to these proposals means she needs money to have fun, preferably your money.

5. Increase in Social Media Updates

It should not be a sign that you use on its own as a reason to break it off with a younger woman, but there is a definite link to measurable increases in status updates, selfie posts, and flirty captions that give the impression that she is fishing for other men while being with you.

How to plan a romantic date for older men dating younger women

They say forty is the new twenty, but these days it’s more like fifty for older men looking for younger women.  Younger women seek out older men who are more mature and more stable with their lives.  It can be intimidating, at first, when seeking out younger women, as they are so beautiful and seemingly out of your league.  This is not true; all you need is a plan and a cool head.  Don’t let your nerves take over and ruin a date, listen to these dating tips to sweep younger women off their feet.

Be Yourself

This is the number one reason why all relationships fizzle out before they even get started.  You meet someone, they like your personality, your style, and when you go on your first date, everything changes.  Younger women want to date an older man because they are confident in their own skin.  Don’t try to pander to trends or styles that are associated with younger guys.

Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your own date late or spending too much time trying to figure out what you want to do on your date.  Older Men dating younger women already have enough pressure as it is, romantic dates don’t need to be at a fancy restaurant, younger women find simple dates cute and endearing, but having it all planned out in advanced shows her that you really care enough to take time out of your day to show your affection.

Be Dapper

Whatever you do, don’t try to impress your younger date by attempting to dress younger.  Older men’s swagger is a highly attractive style these days.  Business-casual is the sort of classy, yet practical look that you should go for, but make sure you’re comfortable.  Avoid overdressing and sweating through your shirts.  You don’t want to ruin your big moment at the end of the night when you go to lean in for the kiss!

Be Thoughtful

Romantic dates, no matter how extravagant or how nice they are, there needs to be plenty of conversation.  This can be tough for older men looking for younger women who are a decade or two younger than him.  To get over this obstacle, brainstorm a couple of conversation topics that you can throw out there whenever you feel like there is a moment of awkward silence coming on.

Be Spontaneous

Planning your romantic getaway with your date to ensure its special and filled with only the best food and fun is ideal, however, you should also avoid calculating your ever move while on your date.  Don’t overthink everything and try to let things come to you natural.  Girls don’t like it when a guy tries to be perfect and acts like they are right about everything.  Take risks, you will be rewarded.

Have Fun!

Romantic dates don’t have to be all serious and all flirting.  Get out there and tell some jokes, have a dance, and try to avoid as much political talk as possible.  Younger women these days aren’t as adverse to serious conversations, but older Men dating younger women should try not to harp on the negative sides of life and remind her that you are there to help her forget about the stress, even just for a moment.

How do older men find younger women?

It is quite common today to find older men dating younger women. This practice is not considered immoral, unusual or shocking as it was in the past. There are many benefits for both younger women and older men that come from relationships like this. Increased feeling of security, better loyalty, financial stability – these are some of the things that attract younger women to older men. At the same time, older men find younger women more energetic, more attractive and more interesting. So, this is a win-win situation for both sides. But, in order to enjoy the benefits of such relationship, older men must find younger women.

The good news is that there are many different legitimate ways in which older gentlemen are getting a chance to find attractive younger women. For instance, one of the most efficient ways to find a girl like this is to open an account on a dating website specialized for these categories of people. There are dozens of websites like this, but it is the best idea to check their background and read some reviews before using one because unfortunately some of them might be fake. Those who will choose this method will be able to learn more about their potential date. They will find out what are their needs and desires, the things they like or dislike and what are their hobbies too. On the other hand, all members of these websites are actively looking for a partner, so you can go wrong if you start a conversation with them. Besides text messages, some dating websites provide video calls too.

But, using the Internet is not the only way for older gentlemen to find younger women. It seems that attending social gatherings and events, especially the ones created for people with relatively big age gap can be very effective too. The basic purpose of these gatherings is to connect people of different ages that have similar ideas. The best part is that the events are designed to help people learn more about each other before they arrange a date. This is an excellent way to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. As we all know, an unsuccessful date is a big waste of time (and sometimes money) for the both sides. These events usually include dinner, social interactions and other similar activities.

Even though the two aforementioned ways of finding younger women are the most effective ones, there are some other ways too. These methods are used by all men and some of them include visiting restaurants and bars or nightclubs where it is not unusual to see older men. Older men can also rely on some traditional ways to meet younger women like introductions by relatives and friends, asking a colleague out (if it’s appropriate) and many other ways.

In the end, older men should remember that they should keep trying and they will eventually find the right young woman for them. The time and efforts spent on this activity will definitely pay off.

Why is the “younger women older men relationship” phenomenon also popular among celebrities?

We’ve all seen it, women who hook up with older men to improve their lives financially or professionally. But what about Hollywood? Why is it that some of the hottest female celebrities are pairing up with older men when it’s obvious they don’t have to?

Take Catherine Zeta jones and Michael Douglas, for example. She is exactly—to the day—25 years younger than he is. While they have had their ups and downs, they have been happily married for the past 15 years. Other celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé also share an age difference. She being 12 years his junior. Then there is Donald Trump and his wife Melania Knauss, she is 24 years younger than the Donald. Other celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica Sklar, she is 17 years younger than him, yet they have been happily married for nearly 17 years.

All of this begs the question “why”? What is it about these relationships that makes them last and why is it that they occur in the first place?

Why Do They Occur?

Women like men who they can relate to, trust, and feel secure being around. Younger men simply don’t offer that appeal. They often don’t have their lives together, aren’t on a secure path towards success, and generally aren’t done playing the field until they are older. Of course, there is always exceptions to any rule.

Another important point is that it is more socially acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman. People find it natural, and therefore, those in the public eye aren’t as timid about partnering with someone who is older in years but still offers the security, fun, and liveliness that they crave. This is particularly evident in Hollywood where the rich and famous never truly stop living exciting lives.

What Makes these Relationships Last?

Obviously, love is the primary ingredient in any long-term relationship. If you don’t have that then you likely won’t have a relationship that lasts. Then there is the trendy factor. Attraction for older men seems to be something of a trend as of late. More young women are turning to older men for solace and stability amongst a turbulent relationship and dating scene. If they can partner with a man who loves them for who they are and who can take care of them for years to come, then why wouldn’t they pursue it? This seems to be the logic that many young women are taking nowadays, particularly in Hollywood circles.

How Does it Translate to The “Real World”?

The real question is does this trend translate to the real world? Is it really true that young women are finding their older male counterparts more attractive than ever, and if so, how does that impact your personal relationships?

The reality is that what Hollywood does sets the stage for the real world. These so-called ‘trends’ can influence the way that relationships play out in the real world. More women than ever are finding it acceptable to date and even marry older men, it is simply up to men to find these women and create lasting, satisfying relationships with them.

Older men prefer to date young women who are half their age

An older man accompanied by a young woman who is half their age – this is no longer a surprise today. But let’s be honest, what do most people think when they see a couple like that? They usually think that the man is going through some kind of midlife crisis. This is just prejudice because without analyzing all the reasons we cannot come up with an answer. This is a serious question that comes with complex answers.

older men dating younger womenRegardless of the generation gap that is obvious in a relationship like this, more and more men choose younger women and decide to start serious relationships with them. It is not uncommon for these relationships to end in happy marriage. While this is something that modern society has accepted, there are many people, especially women, who are wondering what the reasons behind relationships like this are.

To start with, it is a well-known fact that women tend to become mature much faster than men and this leads to a need to bond and start a family. This is why most women are ready to get married before their male peers. They are also prepared to become mothers while the majority of men are not so sure about this. Older men who are dating with women half their age are trying to postpone marriage and enjoy the freedom that relationships bring.

There are many debates focused on determining whether this is something that is linked to Mother Nature or our society. Of course, there is no clear answer to this question, but the fact is that most men have always viewed and still view themselves as protectors and suppliers of the family. Younger women are prone to listening to their partner’s thoughts and let their partners take care of them. So, if the man is older, this means that he has experience and knowledge and this is what makes them attractive in the eyes of young woman.

Furthermore, when men enter the years in which things start to go down (in terms of health and career), men need someone that can boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. That’s why you can often see relationships between wealthy old men and young women.

There is no doubt that men love their ego and most of them can confirm this. While it is true that there are men that are attracted to older women, it is also true that most of them would enjoy the company of an attractive woman that can be even half of their age.

Finally, older men and young women share the same need for coherence. On the other hand, young men are focused on career and young women on their relationship. When men reach middle age, there is a reversal. At that moment, man will understand that they have squandered their youth on a quest for power and they have ignored their family all the time. They are no longer interested in their pursuit for power and start looking more from their relationship. On the other hand, their partners are tired of putting their relationship and children in the first place. They usually start focusing more on themselves and invest in their education or career. So, this is another reason why men like younger women. They are compatible with each other. This might be the reason why they are starting to think about creating a new family in which they will have a suitable role.