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Should young women date divorced older guys?

younger women dating older guysWhen you are young everything seems so easy and accessible and getting into a relationship is not different. Younger women have the chance to choose their partner from a wide range of single guys. That’s why many people ask themselves why some young women date older guys. On top of that, some of them are dating divorced older guys. In case you have stumbled upon this article looking for an answer to this question or to get an approval, you have come to the right place because we will give you some reasons why should young women date divorced older guys. However, before we share the details we should mention that divorced older guys should not be generalized because not all of them are same. When we say divorced older guys we mean quality older guys not any divorced guys.

He is fine with putting others first

Younger women dating older guys who have been married are impressed by their ability to put others first. This is especially true if he has children. For some young women this fact may seem like a downside, but the truth is that people with children are more responsible and know how to take care of other people. Given that most young women are looking for attention and care, this is something that makes divorced older guys ideal.

He has a plan

Although he has been married before, this doesn’t mean that he is chaotic. Of course, you will have to date for a while to figure out whether he is a guy like that or not. However, the vast majority of divorced older guys have realized their mistakes from the previous marriage and they have a good plan for the future. They already have a career, they are secure and stable. As a young woman you are probably struggling to create some kind of routine and your partner will definitely help you. They will also accept some of your spontaneity too.

He will give you more me-time

If your prospective partner has kids and has a job, it is very likely that they will need time to take care of these things which means that you will have more me-time. One of the things that ruin new relationships is the complete dedication to your partner from day one. This is what usually happens in relationships between two young people. However, in a relationship where the woman is young and the man is older, they can both maintain a healthy relationship because they will have other duties except taking care of their partner’s needs.

He is more down-to-earth

Obviously, older men have dreams and fantasies, but they are way more realistic than young men. This is especially true when it comes to the relationship itself. He knows what he can provide for you and you will know what you can expect. They don’t have time for small love games and tests. They are serious and honest and they will tell you everything they think without sugar-coating the facts.