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Why is it that older men with a good sense of humor are more popular among young women?

It turns out that there are few things that make young women seeking older men more interested in certain men. One of these things is their good sense of humor. We all love to smile and giggle and this is especially true when we are in love. But, a good sense of humor younger women dating older menmeans that your partner will make you smile all the time. So, what are some of the reasons why young women seeking older men find funny older men more attractive?

To start with, younger women know that dating a funny older guy will never become boring. A spontaneous man that can bring the right jokes at the right time will make their life more interesting. Every dating, every interaction is much more exciting and interesting when an older man with a good sense of humor is next to you.

Another reason why young women love funny older men is their creativity. If you are able to make new and funny jokes all the time then this means that you are creative and who doesn’t want to date a creative man? It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to make jokes in different situations and this why many young women find older men like this attractive.

Younger women prefer funny older men because they can easily become the center of attention at parties and social gatherings. Having a parent who is respected and favored by your friends is definitely a good thing. A person with a good sense of humor can also ease the tension and awkwardness on social gatherings. A guy with a genuine sense of humor feels comfortable even in places where most of the people are strangers.

Older men with good humor are excellent observers. They can make jokes because they notice things around them which also mean that they care about the things that are going on. Of course, when they are not making jokes they will give you some valuable advice.

One of the reasons why younger women are looking for older men is the feeling of safety they get from older men. It turns out that if that older man has a sense of humor, this feeling is even more highlighted. A funny guy will make your life easier because they always find humorous and funny aspects of everything that is going on in our lives. He will also be prepared to make jokes about himself just to make you happy.

When younger women date older men, they usually have difficulties to introduce their partner to their friends. Well, this won’t be a problem for them in case their older partner is funny. Everyone likes to laugh and have good time listening to some great jokes and this is exactly what their older partner with good sense of humor can provide.

These are only some of the things that make funny older men more interesting and attractive to younger women.

Why do younger women and older men tend to be attracted to each other?

Spotting a young woman with an older man is no longer a rare sight. In fact, a wide majority of young women find the concept exciting and are open to the idea of dating an older guy. The men, for their part, are happy to return the favor. So what makes older men so exotic for young women and vice-versa? Here are a few plausible explanations:

Old Men Have Charming Ways

Younger women who like older men will confirm that these men possess the right mix of charm and chivalry that can sweep a woman off her feet. From opening car doors, holding doors and insisting the woman enters first, talking with an irresistible mix of confidence and politeness – there is something about these old school ways that always strikes the right notes with a woman’s heart, no matter how young or modern she is.

They Can Offer Stability

A lot of young guys are still figuring out their own lives and may find themselves at the crossroads more often than not. Older men, on the other hand, are a lot more stable emotionally, socially and financially. Young women who want older men are often attracted to this element of stability. This well-rounded stability puts older men in a position to handle relationships well.

Know What Women Want

An older man worth his salt has had his share of hits and misses with women in the past. These first-hand experiences puts a man in a position to gauge a woman’s mind and offer her what she wants, which is why being with an older man is both sexually and emotionally satisfying for a lot of women.

Young women who want older men

The Other Side of the Coin

That younger women find older men irresistible is just one side of the coin. On the flip side, older men too find themselves equally drawn to women much younger to them. And their reason may be totally different:

  • Novelty: Younger women are like a whiff of fresh air and bring in a lot of novelty into life. Being with younger women can be a man’s way of staying forever young.
  • Fresh Starts: An older man looking for a new relationship is likely to have had his share of bad experiences and is seeking a fresh start. Ending up a woman from a different age group offers just that because there is no scope for any parallels being drawn.
  • Hopes of Raising a Family: If a man is looking to have a family, being with a younger woman makes perfect sense. There is no biological clock ticking here, so the two can take all the time in the world to get to know each other, settle down and eventually, have kids and start a family.

Young women and older men being drawn to each other is classic case of ‘opposites attract’. They may have nothing in common but the chemistry is just right.